Eurowindow Introduction

Eurowindow Introduction

Our main products:

 * High quality uPVC windows, doors and fixed panels;

 * Aluminum windows and doors and façade;

 * Wooden entrance doors and interior doors; wooden fire-proof doors and wooden floors;

 * Aluminum-wood joineries;

 * Glass products: safety glass, tempered glass, insulated double glass, patterned glass;

   Eurowindow also provides automatic sliding doors and roller shutters;

   Eurowindow is employing nearly 4,000 staff, including qualified experts, engineers, and high skill trained workers, with a nationwide distribution network: 3 branches, nearly 40 showrooms, hundreds of agents and distributors.

   Eurowidow has 5 factories and 1 glass processing center based in Hanoi, Da Nang and Binh Duong. Eurowindow’s factories are equipped with modern automated production lines imported from leading suppliers of Germany, Italy, Finland and Spain.

   Eurowindow’s uPVC products include windows, doors and fixed panels that are suitable for hotels, villas and apartments.

   Eurowindow’s uPVC windows and doors are composed of box-shaped uPVC profile bars, installed with reinforced steel, synchronous hardware fittings with multiple point lock, 3D hinges of multi-dimensions for open/close, special locks combined with double gasket system to ensure tight-fitting and double glazing glass filled with argon for thermal and sound insulation. In addition, the dominant characteristic of uPVC material is not oxidized, aged or yellow stained in the solar radiation and acid rain. These conditions help Eurowidow products to meet the highest requirements of thermal and sound insulation, save energy, and reduce maintenance costs. uPVC windows and doors are cheaper than those of similar components made of wood or aluminum.

   Eurowindow high quality aluminum products are mainly entrance doors and façades. These products are typically used in construction projects involving hi-tech architecture, such as trade centers, kyscrapers, and office buildings… Since aluminum is a light and durable material, using it will help reduce the building’s weight. Profile bars / extrusions with thermal break combined with double glass, safety glass, tempered glass and solar control glass create beautiful doors and façades with high longlife durability, thermal and sound insulation. Eurowindow also supplies Domal aluminum windows and doors (manufactured by France’s Hydro Building Systems group) for residential houses.

   Eurowindow has 2 wooden door factories in Hanoi and Binh Duong, producing our wooden interior doors, entrance doors and fire-proof doors using natural, finger-joint, MDF and HDF wood from domestic and imported materials. The wood is carefully selected and processed before production to ensure stability, durability and minimize bending and shrinking caused by the humid weather in Vietnam. To ensure the natural beauty of the wood, finger-joint, MDF, HDF and mixed wood products are covered with natural veneer. Automatic painting system increases the surface flatness, evenness of color, aesthetic and durability of products. The built-in gasket system, adjustable hinges and multiple point lock creates the air-tightness, smooth opening/closing and thermal and sound insulation for doors. Eurowindow’s wooden doors are luxurious, aesthetic, durable and friendly. In addition, Eurowindow also produce wooden floors.

   Eurowindow’s aluminum-wood door combines the advantages of wood and aluminum materials. The aluminum on the external side provides excellent resistance to the impact of weather: rain, sunshine, oxidization and increased lifetime durability; while the wood to the internal side helps increase thermal insulation, provide good aesthetics and match with interior furniture. Eurowindow’s aluminum-wood doors are high-class products for luxurious construction projects. Eurowindow cooperates with Italy’s Starwood in research and manufacture of profiles for aluminum-wood doors with oak imported from the US and aluminum profiles made in Italy.

   Running Vietnam’s the most modern glass processing center, Eurowindow manufactures tempered glass, heat strengthen glass, safety glass, decorative glass and double glazing glass. Tempered and semi-tempered heat can resist high impact force, vibration and thermal shock. Due to its high strength, safety glass can be used to, prevent break-in, while if it does break will reduce danger to its lowest level. Double glazing glass is filled with argon gas to minimize noise from the surrounding environment and increase thermal insulation. Eurowindow is the only company in Vietnam that can temper Super Soft Coated Low-e and has Heat-Soak-Test equipment. During the test, defect glass will automatically break and be discarded, minimizing risks of unexpected breaking when in use.

   Eurowindow is the exclusive copyright supplier of Kommerling uPVC profile (a company of Germany’s HT Group), is a principle partner of France’s Technal for aluminum profile, is the glass processor of Saint-Gobain Glass (France) and is the sole partner of Italy’s Starwood in Vietnam. Eurowindow is awarded ISO 9001:2000 certificate for quality management by Norway’s DNV organization and ISO 14001:2004 certificate for environmental management by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

   Eurowindow’s products meet not only European standards, but also Vietnam Standards Series (TCVN). TCVN is the first standard set for uPVC door, window, and partition products launched and applied in Vietnam, includes TCVN 7451:2004 on technique regulations; and TCVN 7452:2004 on testing methods. The compilation of Vietnam Standards Series was based on Eurowindow’s proposals, approved by the National Quality and Measurement Standard Department and signed and launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology in February 2005.

   Eurowindow has been awarded a certificate of merit by the Prime Minister for its achievements in production and trade. Eurowindow products won the Top 10 “Vietnam golden star” prize 2011, Top 100 of 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 of Vietnam Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Top 20 of Vietnam’s famous trademarks 2010, 2011 by the National Office of Intellectual Property, Top 500 Vietnam’s fastest-growing enterprises 2010, 2011 by Vietnam Report, Top 100 leading enterprises in Vietnam 2009, “Vietnam Hi-Quality Products” Title from 2005 to 2011 elected by consumers, Top 10 reliable household appliances 2009, 2010, 2011 by Vietnam Economic Times, “Golden Dragon” Prizes and many others.

   By continuously improving the quality of products and services, while combining the company’s success with common social benefits and environmental protection, Eurowindow is committed to providing customers with the best products. High quality products, highly-skilled human resources and professional customer services are the key factors bringing success to the Eurowindow brand.

   Eurowindow’s factories are equipped with advanced, modern, synchronous and automated production lines imported from top suppliers of Germany, Finland and Spain.

Main production lines include:

 * Production line for uPVC windows, doors and fixed partitions;

 * Production line for aluminum doors, façade; PVDF & Powder Coating

 * Production line for interior wooden doors; aluminum-wood windows and doors

 * Glass processing equipment: tempering furnace, safety glass processing, glass cutting, large-sized double glass assembling;

   Other equipment: uPVC profile laminating line; opaque glass maker, decorative glass production equipment; mechanical and aluminum bending processing machine system; automatic and safety door assembling equipment.

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