Aluminum door: New trends for modern architecture

Aluminum door: New trends for modern architecture

Monday, 11/11/2019 14:22


In recent years, large and high-grade aluminum glass doors and walls have become a new trend that consumers choose for buildings because of a number of outstanding advantages. So what makes this product trusted?

Strength and reasonable price

Modern large glass aluminum doors and walls are made of the main material of aluminum and glass. The outside of the door is an aluminum frame with the function of covering, supporting and fixing the inner glass, along with a number of other accessories such as: rubber seals, handles, locks, hinges, latches, etc.

With this structure, it can be easily seen, aluminum and glass doors will be lightweight, durable, and more affordable. Products have diverse designs with various colors, which suitable to the design of each project.

Regarding weather resistance, the door is 5-6 times more durable than conventional doors. The aluminum profile is coated with powder coating technology to improve longevity, oxidation, rust in solar radiation and acid rain. Therefore, the door will promote its advantages when it can withstand the harsh weather such as hot, humid tropical climate in Vietnam. It can be easily cleaned in just a few minutes, keeping the door frame always shiny without the need for regular maintenance or maintenance. It can be said that compared to plastic and wooden doors, aluminum doors are rated as the "warriors" strongest before rain, wind and sunlight.

With a combination of two diverse materials in design, aluminum and glass doors bring luxury and luxury to your home. Glass layer with motifs, tinted glass, frosted glass,... exalts the modern, high-class and aesthetic features of the building. Aluminum profiles can be embossed and decorative paint as you like to create a unique identity, from classic to modern, depending on the design of the manufacturer. Besides, compared to conventional door types, aluminum doors are classified as reasonable-priced, good-quality doors.

Matching for buildings with modern architecture

In previous years, customers were still hesitant to use large glass aluminum doors and walls, because of concerns such as lack of privacy or danger in the use process ... now the new trend has completely reversed. Modern architectural style of hi-tech form, need large space and large view in office buildings, commercial centers, buildings to create "showing stage" for this material to unleash its strengths. .

The advantage of light load makes it easy to install aluminum doors in high-rise buildings, good bearing capacity of tempered glass helps to increase weather resistance.

Also in the trend of modern architecture, the need for a wide view and a sense of closeness to nature, aluminum doors and glass walls are the choice of many private houses and villas. Doors combined with blinds, blinds in positions frequently exposed to the sun such as windows, balcony doors, roofs, ... both create a wide view, and bring privacy to homeowners

Insulation, noise protection, power saving

In fact, conventional aluminum door lines still have disadvantages such as: weak structure, no need for insulation, poor soundproofing, heat insulation, or rainwater leakage. However, on the market there are high-grade aluminum doors that can completely overcome the above limitations.

High-grade aluminum and glass doors are made from aluminum profiles with insulated bridges combined with glass boxes, EPDM gasket systems and synchronized metal accessories system to help the doors have a higher sound insulation and thermal insulation. Whether your workspace and living space are noisy or the weather is harsh, you still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and tranquil tranquility.

The profile bars are reasonably designed with hollow cavities and stiffening ribs as well as aluminum thickness, grooves, technical walls in the aluminum bar structure are carefully calculated to create reinforced living, drainage channels, spaces and sound insulation. With this structure, aluminum profile bar has soundproof, high thermal insulation and outstanding is good bearing.

Although aluminum is lightweight, high-quality aluminum and glass door manufacturers have calculated safe aluminum profile loads for high bearing capacity, affected by wind, storm, and earthquake. Therefore this material provides the optimal safety solution for the building.

For high-rise buildings with many wall areas exposed to direct sunlight, the cost of electricity for air conditioning and ventilation systems to stabilize air conditions in the building is very large. The use of aluminum doors and large glass aluminum walls with soundproof glass, heat insulation, and safety glass ... is the main solution in saving energy

Large glass aluminum walls are the optimal solution for tall buildings

Things to keep in mind when choosing aluminum doors

When choosing products, customers also need to appreciate the evaluation of the quality of door accessories. Because in fact, aluminum and glass profiles have certain standards, and accessories are often more fragile than door frames but are mixed with many poor quality products.

Choosing a good product is difficult but having a standard installation team is even more complicated. Technology and workmanship also greatly affect the quality of the final product, especially aluminum doors and exterior. If the processing technology is not up to the standard, it is likely that the problem of tightness, limited weather resistance, cracked glass, falling doors under the impact of wind and external forces. , damaging property, even injuring the user. Therefore, customers should prioritize the products of a reputable unit, own a good installation team and a good warranty policy.

To avoid counterfeit goods, customers should check the address of showroom system, authorized dealer on its official website. See more information about high-quality aluminum and glass doors and windows here.

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