Eurowindow EA55 aluminium door– A optimal solution for modern construction

Eurowindow EA55 aluminium door– A optimal solution for modern construction

Wednesday, 13/11/2019 17:35


With the criteria of constantly updating new production technologies, meeting the wishes and actual needs of consumers, Eurowindow constantly brings to market products with novel designs and superior functionalities. In particular, aluminium door EA55 system is currently the focus of attention of many partners and customers.

Catching the trend of consumers using aluminium doors more and more for private houses, villas as well as hi-tech buildings such as office buildings, trade centers, buildings ... Eurowindow has launched EA55 aluminium door system with light weight, high strength, good bearing capacity, very suitable for the harsh weather conditions in Vietnam.

Products made of high quality raw materials. In particular, the aluminium profile bar 6063-T5 is reasonably designed with hollow cavities and stiffened ribs, aluminium thickness; technical walls are carefully calculated to create reinforced living, ensuring optimal safety. For construction works, capable of standing up even in wind, storm or earthquake conditions.

Eurowindow EA55 aluminium doors use EPDM washer system is a popular type of gaskets used in Europe, with good elasticity and weather resistance. The combination of this gasket with the European standard synchronous metal accessory system helps the product open and close smoothly, optimally for the tightness, reaching Class 3 according to EN 1026, water tightness reaching Class 6 according to EN 1027 standard, withstands wind pressure at Class E level according to BS 5821-3 standard, is able to resist noise up to 40 dB.

In particular, a new feature in the product design of Eurowindow EA55 aluminium doors is based on EuroGroove standards, which can be flexibly used with many different hardware accessories. Glass braces and dynamic rims are used for both doors and windows, so they are convenient to replace during repair and maintenance, saving time and optimizing cost-effectiveness throughout the life of the device.

Multi-point latch, 3D hinge helps EA55 aluminium system can meet all the needs of consumers, suitable for many different architectural styles according to the general development trend in the world. EA55 aluminium window is not only open, flipped open, but also has the opening and turning. Aluminium door system EA55 has the following forms: open outside rotation, open inside rotation; doors with 4 wings; sliding doors 4-3-1/5-3-2/6-3-3...

Aluminium sliding door set EA55 is suitable for use in positions requiring large open spaces such as doors to garden, pool, golf course …:

Choosing to use EA55 aluminium door products, the investor not only takes advantage of opening a sweeping view of the room, bringing a sense of closeness to nature, but also improved rounded wing design also increasing aesthetics, creating serenity for the exterior of the building.

In addition, Eurowindow's modern paint technology allows the paint color on the aluminium bar surface to be durable, helping the product not fade during use. Eurowindow has invested in an automatic spraying line using powder coating technology combining powder and water paint methods. Modern paint line includes: pre-treatment system, 3-layer water paint system (primer, surface paint and varnish), powder coating spraying room, drying system, transfer device, conditioning system electric control. This line allows creating products with various colors, high durability, scratch resistance, corrosion from common chemicals or the impact of severe weather, heavy rain in Vietnam.

Moreover, Eurowindow's modern wood grain paint technology allows the aluminium bar surface to appear exquisite wood grain patterns similar to natural wood. The sophistication of the product when combined with wooden furniture highlights the elegance and elegance for each home. Compared with the investment cost of wooden doors, installing EA55 aluminium doors is more economical and beneficial to customers.

Doors open outside turning EA55 aluminium system wood grain technology application synchronized with the interior

Not to mention, using high-end outdoor paint from famous paint companies in the world such as Jotun, PPG ... EA55 aluminium door systems are guaranteed by Eurowindow to guarantee surface warranty up to 5 years, even 10 years. Customers can be assured of product durability as well as long-term economic efficiency when using EA55 aluminium windows and doors.

Being a product meeting European standards (EN 12207, EN12208, EN 12210), Eurowindow EA55 aluminium door is the perfect solution for modern architectural works such as office buildings, commercial buildings, apartments, villas, private houses and industrial projects.

From June 6 - July 31, 2019, all customers sign contracts to buy and install EA55 aluminium doors and other doors, large aluminium glass walls and Eurowindow interior for private buildings in the provinces. from Phu Yen to Ca Mau is discounted by 10% of the contract value, have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts with a total value of nearly 1 billion.

For further information, please contact the Northern hotline: 0909 888 000, the Central: 0906 000 111, the South: 0903 11 8888.

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