Eurowindow Roller door – A safe and perfect solution for your house

Eurowindow Roller door – A safe and perfect solution for your house

Tuesday, 12/11/2019 10:20


In order to provide a total solution for doors, Eurowindow has launched EASD45 rolling doors manufactured according to Japanese standards. Products meet the strict requirements of safety and aesthetics for the home.

Overcoming the limitations of the continuous sheet door, Eurowindow EASD45 open slot door is made up of aluminum alloy slats inserted together, between the slats with a diamond-shaped open slot with a moderate size, ensuring air ventilation, helping the house become airy but still keep the privacy when needed.

The shutters are made up of aluminum alloy rods 6063-T5 with strong dual cavity structure, abrasion resistance, combined with genuine motors to ensure high durability. In addition, the double-texture structural blinds with two screw holes link the end of the blinds, the grooves of the damping gaskets make the product smooth and minimize the noise when opening and closing.

In particular, in order to increase safety for users, Eurowindow rolling door products apply the technology of remote control by sliding code, and have a manual opening chain; safety sensor system with the function of automatically stopping or reversing when an obstacle is encountered, siren when the door has phenomenon of being broken down and encountering obstacles. Products have a connection to the fire protection system to ensure when a fire alarm signal will automatically open.

Products diversity in design, color, high aesthetic and suitable for feng shui of many houses.

From June 6 - July 31, 2019, customers sign contracts to buy and install rolling doors as well as other Eurowindow doors and interior products for private buildings in the provinces from Phu Yen to Ca Mau will enjoy a 10% discount and the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts with a total value of nearly 1 billion.

For more information, please visit website or contact Hotline 0903 11 8888.

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