Nice eye-catching apartments using Eurowindow furniture

Nice eye-catching apartments using Eurowindow furniture

Tuesday, 12/11/2019 10:32


Balancing function and aesthetics, sophistication in each design line, simultaneously combining natural materials such as wood, stone, green ... Eurowindow interior Scandivanian style modern is the optimal solution for Vinhomes Metropolis apartment.

Fancy the simplicity, sophistication, elegance but minimalism, the owner of an apartment located on Lieu Giai Street (Hanoi) is very simple, elegant and gentle. Therefore, Eurowindow architects, after grasping the aspirations, desire to have an interior design plan in modern Scandivanian style, using elegant colors with finely reduced details and special priority to natural light.

Inspiring living room

Interior design of modern Scandinavian style living room impresses homeowners about comfort and convenience. A simple brown leather sofa set, not focusing on elaborate decoration details but instead creating accents with cool blue monochromatic pillows. L-shaped sofa surrounds the white tea table, creating an interesting contrast to the sight.

The wide glass door frame with the advantage of maximum natural light source has been cleverly arranged by two architects to bring the excitement and ensure the necessary ventilation for the space. In particular, the layer of white chiffon curtain is pristine and clear; the dark gray light curtain fabric is the perfect combination of color and tone with carpets, carpets made of wood and plaid behind the television and wardrobe for decorations.

In addition, small green pots are selected randomly, combined with wall murals, decorative lights are also interesting highlights in the living room.

Vinhomes Metropolis apartment living room uses Eurowindow furniture with TV shelves, decorative cupboards, closets, wall tiles ... the main materials are wood, white marble and rattan.
Shoe cabinet design combines a neat welcome desk right next to the main entrance to the apartment

Open design between living room and kitchen

The layout of the living room, dining room and kitchen are coherent in an opening space. Eurowindow architects have used neutral colors such as white, brown, gray, and harmonious combination. The kitchen uses marble stone combined with blue glass-covered kitchen walls to help homeowners easily clean, keep the shiny lasting for the room.

A modern L-shaped kitchen cabinet design with full functionality, including cabinets, top and bottom dishes not only convenient to use but also increase the attraction for the apartment.

Kitchen area arranged tidily for both refrigerators and microwaves
Set of 6 modern simple and elegant black tables and chairs, Design of chandelier with same tone makes the room become cosier when it is dark

Private bedroom,

In an apartment of more than 100 m2, the interior design of 3 bedrooms is all modern style, but each space has a unique feature.

Corridor area - the entrance to the bedrooms uses wooden wool wall tiles, wooden decoration round and Scandinavian style decor

The large bedroom of the parents is fair designed with the same color of the living room, with the main white background combined with brown, beige, bold notes creating a sense of comfort and relaxation, contributing to arousing positive emotions for homeowners. The monolithic headboard wall is strangely and vividly transformed with 3D decorative motif of butterfly art, making the space become romantic, attractive and disruptive.

Eurowindow natural wooden beds are box-shaped, with drawers for handy underneath. The headboard is covered with cream-colored foam pads.

Take advantage of a corner of the room to arrange simple working tables and chairs of uniform width with wall-mounted bookshelves, homeowners can take advantage of working or surfing the web, reading books...

On the opposite wall, the TV shelf is designed with wooden drawers, which is an ideal place for families to place their favourite decorations, personal items or books.

Master bedroom does not have too much furniture with wide glass doors that take advantage of natural light will bring a very effective resting space for homeowners
Bedrooms for guests due to low demand, the interior is minimalist in terms of decoration but still ensures the usability and cost savings for homeowners.

Meanwhile, the modern bedroom furniture for children is lively, shimmering, suggesting a creative space with the design of bunk beds with Tan Bi natural painted white wooden frame. This is the optimal solution not only to solve the concerns about the room area for the children but also bring unbelievably lovely.

The first floor is designed with spacious double beds for girls, the second floor is for boys who love to explore with shaping beautiful houses, stimulating their creative curiosity. In addition, the staircase system is designed with a moderate distance to easily step up. The design makes use of drawers to help children comfortable to use toys and utensils often used neatly, creating an independent and tidy habit in daily activities.

Safe and beautiful Eurowindow bunk bed with bright colors (blue and pink) for boys and girls
The study corner combines tables and chairs, bookshelves designed in the favourite color tone of two children. Strong blue combined with gentle pink color, creating psychological comfort, help children focus and study more effectively.
The homeowner cares for the balcony space with bonsai pots, increasing the feeling of closeness to nature for the high-rise apartment.

If you are a simple person and prefer sophistication and elegance, do not overlook the modern Scandinavian interior design. In the world as well as in Vietnam, these interior products are increasingly popular and selected in housing design because of their extremely high applicability.

Eurowindow with an experienced design team combined with a skilled construction team are always confident of committing to complete the project with high quality, to meet all customer needs

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