Nice townhouse villa using neoclassical furniture Eurowindow

Nice townhouse villa using neoclassical furniture Eurowindow

Saturday, 16/11/2019 11:58


Scoring with new, impressive designs, good product quality, fast construction time, recently, Eurowindow continues to be trusted by private home customers to choose glass and interior products for complete installation. for a 5-story townhouse villa in District 11, Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the architects, the neoclassical interior-exterior design is not only suitable for superficial villas, hundreds of square meters, but also a perfect choice for flexible townhouses. It works for both business and residential purposes.

Looking at the overall architecture of the exterior of the house, the columns with decorative vertical stripes, cornices, stylized motifs on the balcony railings, the wall surface ... exude a soft, elegant feature. Instead of hard concrete blocks, tinted glass materials have breathed new life into the home, not only created ventilation when necessary, bringing natural light to flood the floors, but contributed to improving aesthetics, creating workspace and quiet rest for homeowners also.

On the outside of the ground floor, the stone-tiled house is both luxurious and easy to clean, ensuring a lasting effect during use.

With the advantage of wide breadth by combining two townhouses into one, ground floor of the villa is arranged by the owner to combine with business premises, office, altar, and garage and storage.

The altar of Quan Am Buddha is simplified but solemnly decorated with two golden lamps on both sides, in the middle is a pure lotus picture. The wooden brown of the altar with wall cladding, along with the yellow of the electric light, create a cozy and serene atmosphere.
The cabinet is designed to be placed at the bottom of the stairs, which is an effective decoration, helping to take advantage of the free space for shoes to be neat and tidy.

To create a private, discreet space for homeowners, the living room was pushed by the architects to the second floor. A few pots of plants are placed on the balcony along with decorative flower vases to create an open space, in harmony with nature.

The soft gray sofa set combined with two single sofas upholstered in black and blue velvet made the room luxurious. Besides, a round table uses toughened glass, wrapped in a thin cast copper frame; two white painted oak shelves, stainless steel leg frames promote long-term use and utility.

On the opposite side, a simple designed shelf, a TV hanging on marble cliffs, two walls arranged with two symmetrical gilded stainless steel frames also contributes to respect the luxury and modern look for the room. The interior has a neutral color, combined with copper-plated materials; reflective stainless steel brings vividness, splendor, and nobility to the house.

Simple but sophisticated design in the living room of the villa town house

In another corner of the living room, the architects and experts of Eurowindow have realized the desire of the owner when placing in it a multi-storey wine cabinet made of super moisture-proof HDF wood, a variety of design compartments. And stand. The door is made of tempered glass; the back is luxurious with black glass. This is where the homeowner displays and stores premium wines according to his taste.

Built-in wine cabinets adjoining the wall are decorated on both sides, integrated as a display of interesting books for the whole family

Also on the second floor of the house, the kitchen space shows the modern, classy lifestyle of the homeowner when the white-black tone harmonizes with the interior of the living room. Each design detail is arranged by the architects, ensuring convenience, so that people coming into the kitchen feel most comfortable.

With quite large kitchen space, homeowners have chosen separate layout area dry kitchen and wet kitchen. Wet kitchen is where the homeowner performs preliminary processing of raw foods, preparing ingredients and processing cooked dishes for the whole family. Meanwhile, dry cookers are the place to make simple and easy dishes like making breakfast. For a modern family, a dry kitchen can also be used as a gathering place for family members to enjoy light meals.

Wet and tidy kitchen area with cupboard system to arrange both top and bottom, combining fridge, microwave, oven, dishwasher. The natural stone kitchen surface makes it easy to clean
The design of Eurowindow pantry cabinets with topless wing compartments is suitable for all kinds of raw materials, spices, dry foods as well as bowls, cups, plates. Meanwhile, with the lower winged cabinets, homeowners can discreetly let cooking utensils, machines such as: coffee maker, kneading machine, whisk…
Along with the white tone and the combination of drop lights, the kitchen island area stands out with a cozy atmosphere. The high chairs help people sit comfortably to enjoy breakfast meals, snacks or sip coctailk…
With a gentle neoclassical design, the dining table set is the main color with black painted wooden house; luxurious black tempered glass table top; 10 wooden-frame cushioned chairs, the back is soft and rounded

.On the third floor of the house, the design of the master bedroom in the neoclassical style is also focused by the architects on the metal contour lines covered in copper gold, even on the door handle, wardrobe, bedside lamp or decorative mirror ... The elegant white of wall paint and furniture is the perfect background to accentuate the royal, aristocratic motifs and patterns.

The large bed is elegantly designed with fabric cushions and curving pattern lines, creating harmony and sophistication, giving users a sense of smoothness and comfort. The sitting chair with a cupboard arranged close to the window is an interesting place for homeowners to read, listen to music, or enjoy the natural scenery outside.
The desk is made of natural oak wood, simple design, arranged by the window to take advantage of natural light, creating a sense of comfort and arousing creative inspiration for homeowners.

Even in the master bedroom, Eurowindow architects and experts have cleverly arranged and arranged the dressing and make up area, making the room not only logical and scientific but also delicate and classy..

Storage room is taking full advantage of the layout of multi-compartment cabinet system with diverse and convenient designs. All use the dominant white color on the brown wooden floor to feel the clean, luxurious space.
Dressing table is designed to be simple, neat, but still exudes the elegance needed for a woman
WC design on the second floor of the villa is convenient with wardrobes, walls. The free-standing bathtub uses a glass layer that separates the rest of the space, providing moments of absolute relaxation when standing in the shower.

On the 3rd floor of the house, the model of neoclassical bedroom furniture with eye-catching colors, creating a fresh and dynamic space for members. The system of cabinets, decorative shelves is placed in a reasonable proportion, fitting the walls to make full use of the dead space of the house.

Cool blue eyes and luxurious brown mixed with pristine white make the room trendy.
Designing a girl's bedroom with a sweet, romantic and feminine pink tone. With this color scheme, the bedroom is an ideal place to rest and relax after a hard working day.


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