Renovating a modern townhouse space with Eurowindow furniture

Renovating a modern townhouse space with Eurowindow furniture

Wednesday, 13/11/2019 17:45


Eurowindow simple design, elegant colors, reasonable layout, modern wood furniture has created a sophisticated and comfortable living space for homeowners of a 3-storey townhouse in Long Bien (Hanoi).

Overcoming the characteristics of the townhouse design is often narrow horizontally; the architects have cleverly arranged smart wooden furniture, multi-utility to refurbish the rooms. Elegant, gentle tones like brown, beige, yellow, white, and black are chosen to use the same natural materials as wood, stone, glass ... close, friendly to the environment.

Master bedroom facilities

Luxurious but not sophisticated is the criteria set out when designing a master bedroom at the request of the owner. Therefore, the architects have blown the room into an elegant, gentle, warm and romantic with oak furniture.

The harmonious combination between the unique yellow color of natural oak materials, the tone sur tone from the bed, the headboard wall, the headboard tap to the light-colored wood floor tiles, with the CNC decor wall will make the room luxury.

The large geometric patterned carpets with the same color picture make the room livelier.

The smooth double bed and the long color sofa have a simple design, arranged near the windows and large balconies, making the most of natural light. Double layer curtain design: thin white color helps to get good light without being too bright, gray will cover all light when needed but still ensure airiness

The opposite side, the industrial wood shelf is close to the ceiling with an ergonomic design, both a place for the TV and a neatly decorated decoration without worrying about dust thanks to the wing structure using glass materials.

The TV shelf is also a partition dividing the room in half, with the space behind the wardrobe, desk and dressing table.
Neat but full of facilities, a private workspace arranged close to the window, with bookshelves, pots to help homeowners feel spiritual, focused for work.

Active bedroom for young personality

The random combination of 3 tones: white, brown and blue creates an elegant, youthful and no less personality for the bedroom space of the young couple on the 3rd floor of the house.

The architects have chosen a modern wallpaper pattern with gentle neutral colors, bringing high artistry to the room, just showing the break, the difference can only be seen in young people.

These versatile wooden furniture is always a "savior" for small bedroom space. Model Eurowindow wardrobe integrated design has both storage compartments and compartments arranged as a dressing table, helping to save maximum area. When not in use, the owner just closes the door, the space becomes neat and tidy.

Natural oak frame bed with smart drawers creates a convenient storage space.

A room with a moderate size, decorating a few small green pots is enough to make the space become more attractive and more artistic.

In another space, although the minimalism with the main colors is still appreciated by the architect, the femininity is reflected in the pale pink wall, the hanging picture from buttons makes the room fresh and more youthful.

Two wooden bedside tabs have balanced 02 nightlights with soft light, helping homeowners sleep well
The system of well-divided wardrobes helps homeowners easily store and preserve clothes and other personal items. The chalkboard hanging combined with adjacent wall mirrors creates a sense of spaciousness.

A quite bedroom for the elderly

In a multi-generational family, the arrangement and allocation of space for the elderly are often a priority in the lower floors; the design requires high requirements to ensure quietness. Interior design is also prone to simplicity, limiting the angles.

Materials close to nature such as wood and bamboo are often loved by older people. Wooden floors, shelving systems and wooden headboard are great combinations for the space for grandparents.

The highlight of this bedroom decoration is the arrangement of necessary items to serve the needs and interests of the elderly such as tables and chairs for reading, drinking tea, watching TV and listening to news....
The bed of the grandparents' room is designed to be high enough, safe and firm. Interior decoration of the bedroom with a wardrobe, bed, TV shelves brown, white and gray.

In addition, to bring a new space for the living room on the first floor, Eurowindow architects also added the design of the wall cabinet at the bottom of the stairs to make storage, clothes and shoes; Decorative cabinets display large types of water hyacinth according to the owner's preferences.

The town house becomes more neat and tidy when the versatile wall cabinet is hidden in the "dead corner" under the stairs.
Model MDF decorated with wood grain melamine MDF made by Eurowindow

If the renovation of old house architecture requires a lot of cost and time, the renovation of the townhouse interior is somewhat simpler. However, it is important that homeowners need to calculate carefully, choose a reputable construction unit with the most suitable solution so that after renovation, the living space can both ensure aesthetics, both harmony and balance with the overall architecture of the house.

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