What customers need to know when choosing uPVC doors for construction

What customers need to know when choosing uPVC doors for construction

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UPVC doors and windows were born in European countries about 60 years ago. Because of the features, superior benefits and the ability to blend with many architectural styles, plastic steel core uPVC doors have quickly spread to many parts of the world.

Armed with the necessary knowledge about plastic doors, you can make the choice more easily

What is uPVC steel core plastic door?

UPVC steel door is a door that uses uPVC profile bars, inside is a steel core with galvanized anti-rust and associated accessories. The uPVC plastic door series is suitable for the positions of windows, doors, partitions of most office buildings, showrooms, hotels to villas, apartments and private houses.

What are the advantages of uPVC steel doors and windows?

UPVC door with reinforced steel core is often used in many buildings, residential houses ... due to its outstanding advantages.

UPVC doors are more stable than normal doors. While the aluminum door is thin, it is easy to deform when it is bumped or hit hard; Although the iron door is durable, the outer paint layer is easy to peel off, unsightly and the shelf life of the paint is only 2-3 years; Solid wooden doors but prone to termites; uPVC doors and windows are covered with anti-oxidant coating, can be stable for more than 10 years without yellowing, no warping, no rust depending on environmental conditions, can polish most scratches on surface. Plastic steel core uPVC door is also water resistant and fireproof. As a result, this is also one of the building materials with relatively low maintenance costs.

Because of the structure of the plastic material with low thermal conductivity and the multi-cavity design, the soundproofing and heat insulation of steel core plastic doors are always superior to other types of doors, preventing heat loss, making the most of multi-sunlight, creating an open space for the room, saving energy for air-conditioners, bringing high economic efficiency to users.

For customers who require high aesthetics and color fastness, uPVC doors completely meet the needs with a luxurious shiny layer, easy to clean. Various sizes, colors and designs are suitable for many projects.

In the process of construction, installation and maintenance, uPVC steel door with uPVC structure is hollow, so it is very light, contributing to reduce the load of the project, easy to install and maintain. UPVC steel core plastic doors are also recyclable at the end of the life cycle so it's completely environmentally friendly.

Doors are designed to suit a lot of space, can be combined with many options for using glass for windows, doors - partitions of works, and combined with industrial wood, plastic panels, creating solid rooms or office partitions.

What you need to note when using uPVC steel core plastic doors?

With outstanding advantages, long-term stability and maintenance costs for repairing paints almost do not arise, in terms of cost; uPVC doors are still considered an economical plan for the house. Although lightweight, this product line requires precise, professional assembly techniques.

According to the architects: “If the steel core plastic door components are of good quality but poor construction techniques, it still cannot guarantee the durability of the product. Poor construction plastic doors will lead to cases such as: doors not tight, creating security holes, shooting incorrect accessories will make it difficult to open, unsightly, improper installation will lead to the situation where the door is open, sagging, shaking.”

Choosing quality steel core plastic doors, you should also base on the quality of glass and profile bars of the manufacturer. Most uPVC doors are designed to use tempered glass because of its durability and safety, the profile bar must have labels, clear origin, print beautifully and clearly right on the product surface, fair and bright colour. The emptier frames inside the bar, the higher the durability. ”

On the market today, many unreliable units have "distributed" to distribute and produce fake and counterfeit goods, but committed to customers that are genuine. Some manufacturers use the wrong accessories or poor quality accessories to reduce the price of finished products.

Therefore, when choosing uPVC doors and windows as a finishing material for their homes, customers should trust and invest in branded products, suppliers that provide warranty and professional commitment during the installation process.

Structure of uPVC steel door

Unlike aluminum doors, wooden doors usually only cover rain, sun, warping and easily deformed, uPVC doors have outstanding features thanks to special structure, with flexible components. : uPVC profile bar has a box-shaped structure, divided into many hollow compartments, especially with reinforced steel core inside to increase bearing capacity for the door set, combined with double gasket system and inert gas-filled glass box. Ensure high tightness, good sound insulation and thermal insulation. With the features on the plastic core steel door is a trend and is a modern product for the construction industry worldwide.

The uPVC bar (also called the profile bar) is a frame, protecting the inner glass, is a plastic mixture, which has a strong, strong substance, withstand bumps, safety and difficult to be curved. Some Profile bars are widely used in Vietnam market such as: Koemmerling, Rehau, Veka, Euro, Queen, Conch, Shide,...

Steel core is galvanized or electroplated to prevent rust. The thickness of the steel core is related to the stability of the plastic rod as well as the accessory holding, so normally, the standard thickness of the core should be from 1.2 to 2mm.

To meet customers' different needs and financial capabilities, uPVC steel door manufacturers also develop a variety of glass. Customers can choose one of the following types of glass: Normal glass with a thickness of 5-12mm; safety glass with a thickness of 6.38-10.38mm, glued two layers in the middle of the adhesive layer, when the glass breaks, it will not explode, causing damage; 5-9-5mm thick box glass, 6-12-6mm is double layer glass, in the middle is pumped inert gas to increase sound insulation, thermal insulation; tempered glass with thickness of 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm ... tempered with high temperature makes the glass harder than usual, when broken, the glass will break "like corn" without damaging.

In addition, rubber gaskets have the effect of increasing the tightness, preventing rainwater, ensuring sound and thermal insulation. The kit includes: hinges, handles, locks and other accessories also many brands and different prices depending on the origin and brand.

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