18 excellent candidates entered the final of the Leader Vision Eurowindow Contest

18 excellent candidates entered the final of the Leader Vision Eurowindow Contest

Tuesday, 22/01/2019 17:54


Contributing to the ebullient atmosphere celebrating the 15th anniversary of Eurowindow (29 August 2002 - 29 August 2017), Eurowindow organized Leader Vision contest - Vision of Eurowindow. The contest is organized to find talented Eurowindow who have the extensive knowledge that nursing talent for the company’s development

The contest was held with the participation of all staff from the head of the office down to the lower. After the preliminary round was held in early July, the organizers found the best members to attend the regional finals. In the North there are 40 candidates, 30 candidates in the South and 10 candidates in Da Nang. Candidates who take part in the regional finals in the form of case-by-case essays, each candidate writes three essays with three different elective situations.

The jury of Eurowindow

After the judging time, the jury of Eurowindow has found the best members of the 3 regions to attend the final round of the company. According to the organizers of the competition, the finals will be held in the form of group rhetoric, which will be a fierce balance between the groups to find the best members. It is expected that the final round will be held on the 15th anniversary of the company.

Below is the list of the finalists:

The Northern region:

• Nguyen Hoai Nam – Assistant Team - Secretary of General Manager

• Nguyen Tien Hop - Factory 1

• Nguyen Thi Hoa - Human Resources Department, Factory 1

• Nguyen Thi Huong - Human Resources Department, Factory 1

• Chu Thi Yen - Research & Development Department

• Vu Minh Hieu - Accountant, Finance and Accounting Department

• Mai Thi Hao - Department of Quality Management

• Bui Thanh Ha - Procurement Unit

• Lai Thi Huyen Trang – Administrative Division, Human Resources Department

• Nguyen Le Viet Ha - Finance Division, Finance and Accounting Department

• Phan Thi Kim Thi - Policy Registrar Division, Human Resources & Administration Department

• Nguyen Thi Bich - Cost Management Division, Project Management Unit

Central Region:

• Hoang Hai Dang - Pricing Division - Technical Department

• Cao Thi Hong Van - Pricing Division - Technical Department

• Huynh Ngoc Thanh - Technical Department

The Southern region:

• Ngo Thi Thao Trinh - Human Resources Department

• Nguyen Viet Hoc - Detailed aluminum design Department

• Tran Thi Hoang Oanh - Human Resources & Administration Department

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