38 excellent sales executives participating in the lucky draw program of week 6

38 excellent sales executives participating in the lucky draw program of week 6

Thursday, 12/07/2018 09:45


On August 1, Eurowindow continued to hold a lucky draw program for excellent sales executives and sales executives who had valid lucky draw ticket of Week 6.

During week 6, the number of sales executives attending the awards and lucky draw program for sales executives in the program of encouraging home sales of the promotion program on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Eurowindow establishment, continued to increase with 38 sales executives on a total sales of over VND 5.2 billion.

Eurowindow's 15th anniversary is approaching, and in the final weeks of the competition, the sales "soldiers" of Eurowindow have been showing more determination and effort to bring about higher sales for the company. This week, the company continued to find the top 2 sales executives to receive the weekly sales first and second prizes. In particular, the first prize went to Nguyen Hoang Viet - Showroom Lang Ha with sales of VND 485 million. The second prize went to Truong Viet Dung - Hai Phong showroom with sales of VND 202 million.

Awarding the best sales executives of week 6 - Nguyen Hoang Viet - Lang Ha showroom

As in week 5, at week 6, lucky draw prizes increase 3 times comparing to the previous week, including 15 second prizes worth VND 1 million each and 3 first prizes worth VND 2 million each.

Awarding 3 lucky draw winners
Awarding second prize winners

List of 18 lucky draw winners:

3 first prizes belonged to sales executives:

  1. Mai Son Tuan – Showroom Me Linh
  2. Nguyen Thi Mỵ - Division of Direct Sales
  3. Nguyễn Thị Cẩm Ly – Division of Unemployment Insurance

15 sencond prizes belonged to sales executives:

  1. Pham Quoc Viet – Wood Project
  2. Giap Hung Oanh – Sales Agency
  3. Tran Duy Chung – Shorwroom 40
  4. Tran Van Hung – Division of Direct Sales
  5. Trinh Hoang Toan – Project Sales
  6. Pham Tien Dung – Showroom Quang Ninh
  7. Tran Trung Kien – Showroom Me Linh
  8. Truong Viet Dung – Showroom Hai Phong
  9. Nguyen Le My - Project Sales
  10. Nguyen Hoang Viet – Showroom Lang Ha
  11. Vu Thanh Tung – Showroom 60
  12. Nguyen Quang Phuong – Sales Agency
  13. Le Quoc Toan – Showroom Hoang Quoc Viet
  14. Tran Le Thi – Showroom EMC
  15. Do Truong Linh – Showroom Me Linh
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