Eurowindow held a prize drawing for excellent Sales Executives in week 7

Eurowindow held a prize drawing for excellent Sales Executives in week 7

Tuesday, 22/01/2019 17:51


On August 8th, Eurowindow continued to hold prize drawing for excellent Sales Executives in week 7, with the participation of business leaders and 28 excellent sales executives with valid draw tickets.

Thus, there is only one more week of incentive program for home sales in the promotion program "Buy Eurowindow, chance to receive 2017 prizes and gifts" will end. In the 8th week, excellent executives with valid draw tickets will participate in the final draw with many attractive prizes.

This week, excellent executive won the first prize was Mr. Truong Viet Dung - Hai Phong Showroom with sales figures reached 690 million dong. This is also a salesman with a remarkable achievement during the 7 weeks of the promotion. Mr. Truong Viet Dung is the winner of the first prize in the 2nd week, the second prize in the 6th week and the first prize in the 7th week with 50 lucky draws. The second prize this week belongs to Ms. Do Kim Nhung - Showroom Hoang Quoc Viet with sales figures reached 171 million dong.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Toan - Deputy Director of Aluminum Business awarded Do Kim Nhung who has the best sales in week 7.

With a total of 174 lucky draws, this week's lucky draw program continues to find 18 lucky winners to receive the 3 first prizes and 15 second prizes.

Reward winners in the lucky price drawing program of week 7

List of winners:

3 first prizes:

• Truong Viet Dung - Hai Phong Showroom

• Nguyen Thu Lieu - Showroom 3

• Le Thi Thanh Thao - Quang Ninh Showroom

15 second prizes:

• Tran Phuong Duy - Direct Sales

• Pham Quoc Viet - Tran Manh Tien Wood Project - Aluminum Project 1

• Nguyen Quang Phuong - Sales Agent

• Tran Thi Huyen - Business Project

• Le Khac Duyen - Me Linh Showroom

• Bui Xuan Tinh - Kim Lien Showroom

• Le Thi Nhat Le - Outbound Sales

• Bui Van Thang - Life Insurance

• Truong Hoang Quang - Direct Sales

• Ngo Tien Hiep - EMC Showroom

• Tran Huu Thang - Aluminum Project 1

• Nguyen Hoang Viet - Showroom Lang Ha

• Duong Thanh Trung - Showroom 479

• Do Kim Nhung - Showroom 59

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