Eurowindow to organize the lottery and incentive program to encourage sales staffs in 1st week

Eurowindow to organize the lottery and incentive program to encourage sales staffs in 1st week

Monday, 05/03/2018 16:51


On June 27th, Eurowindow held a lottery and award ceremony for the first week for sales executives to promote home sales in the promotion program “Buy Eurowindow products to receive 2017 prizes and gifts”.

Every year, together with the homeopathy program, Eurowindow organizes programs to encourage sales executives. Especially, the program encouraging salesmen in the program on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment is different than the whole. Accordingly, from June 15th to August 10th, 17th, every week, customers receive lottery drawings. The sales executives in charge of the works are also entitled to receive the same number of votes to participate in the incentive program. internal. Thus, the businessmen who have not had the highest sales, the second week, but still have the opportunity to participate in lucky draw if the lucky draw.

Attending the ceremony were many business leaders and department heads together with 13 excellent business executives in the North. Speaking at the ceremony, “The sales of the company is from the Sales Department across the country. To encourage the spirit of sales executives, the Board of Directors has decided to launch a movement to encourage sales spirit for the North businessmen with many valuable awards weekly and final prize”, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Sales Director of Eurowindow said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Eurowindow Business Director speaking at the ceremony.

In the first week after launching the campaign to encourage business people to increase their home sales, Le Van Thuan - BP Aluminium Project 1 achieved the highest sales of more than 437 million and received VND 2 million, Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuong - POS reached the second highest value of more than 139 million and received a cash bonus of 1 million. In addition to the two largest sales executives, the second week, 11 other business executives also received lucky draw tickets with a total of 77 lottery draws to participate in the lucky draw for the 1st prize including 01 first prize worth VND 2 million and 3 second prizes, worth VND 1 million each.

Mr. Vu Manh Dung - Sales Director awarded to Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuong – Agent department

In the lottery, Nguyen Quang Phuong - Lucky Dealer received the first prize worth 2 million VND in cash. The second prize worth VND 1 million belongs to Mr. Do The Nhan - Wood Project Division, Ms. Le Minh Tu - Direct Sales and Sales Executive of Hong Van - Showroom 30 Ly Nam De.

Award to 4 lucky winners.

At the end of the emulation program, the company will find the salesman, collective showroom, division, area with the highest sales to honor, awarding the final prize total up to 190 million. The lucky winners of the week will be eligible to win the lottery with a total prize value of up to VND 72.6 million including: 01 special prize: Daikin Air Conditioner 1200BTU worth 13 million; 02 first prize: Samsung Television worth 7 million; 03 second prize: Rommelbacher German double electric cooker worth 5.2 million VND; 03 Third prize: 2 million dong of kitchen pot; 15 consolation prizes including: Mitsubishi Fan worth VND1.9 million (5 prizes), rice cooker worth VND1.5 million (5 prizes), Minh Long bowl of VND1 million (5 prizes) .

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