The program of drawing and awarding to excellent sales staffs in 3rd week

The program of drawing and awarding to excellent sales staffs in 3rd week

Tuesday, 06/03/2018 11:39


The winning lottery program VNKD excellent week 3 records the achievements of 28 employees received lucky draw ticket with total sales of more than 3.5 billion.

On July 11th, at the Eurowindow office - 30 BCD Ly Nam De, the lottery was held and awarded the excellent business executives with valid drawings in the incentive program on sales of homeopathy. 15 years of establishment of Eurowindow “Buy Eurowindow products to receive 2017 gifts and prizes”.

The ceremony was attended by many business leaders, “The number of sales staff with the draw for week 3 doubled in the first week and increased 50% compared to the week. This continues to increase with a total of 351 lucky draws, up nearly 5 times the previous week and almost doubled from the second week. Hopefully in the next few weeks, the lucky draw will continue. The increase is high and there are more new faces joining the program”, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Director of Sales said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – Sales Director speaking at the ceremony.

At 3rd week, lucky draw will increase with the number of 6 prizes including 1 First and 5 Second Prizes. According to the organizers of the program, the number of prizes for the lucky draw will continue to increase in the coming weeks.

The third prize went to Nguyen Tat Nam - Showroom 40 of Xa Dan with sales reaching nearly 1 billion and had the highest number of votes were 40 votes. The second is Mr. Giap Hung Oanh - Agency with more than 524 million and 43 votes. There are also many other sales executives with high number of votes: Mr. Truong Viet Dung Hai Phong Showroom, Nguyen Thi Huong - EMC Showroom with 33 votes, Ms. Dang Thi Hien - EMC Showroom 30 votes and others.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Sales Director awarded the best 3 weeks to Nguyen Tat Nam.
Mr. Vu Manh Dung - Deputy Director of Wood Business awarded second prize to sales staff Giap Hung Oanh in the 3rd week.

At the ceremony, Nguyen Tat Nam, the best salesman in the week 3 said: "Eurowindow is the biggest brand in the field of glass and large aluminum wall so my sales work is much easier. . Clients contract quickly because they trust the quality of Eurowindow products. Besides, I also always receive the support and assistance of business leaders and the head of the showroom to facilitate sales. "

In the lucky draw, the organizers continue to find 6 lucky faces. Among them, the first prize worth 2 million VND belongs to salesman Tang Trung Hieu - the direct sales department with the number 17. 17. The second prize worth 1 million dong belongs to the salesmen: Mr. Trinh Hoang Toan - Aluminum project business with 5 votes, Mr. Tran Quang Hung - Showroom 3 with 6 votes, Mr. Nguyen Trong Hai - Timber project sales with 14 votes, Ms. Ta Hong Ha - Direct Selling with 23 votes , Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung - EMC Showroom with 8 votes.

Awarding to lucky winners of the 3rd prize:

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