Contribution of Eurowindow aluminum doors and façade to the completion of the green urban area, the Manor Central Park

Contribution of Eurowindow aluminum doors and façade to the completion of the green urban area, the Manor Central Park

Thursday, 16/08/2018 16:40


With products with superior features and over 15 years of construction experience in the field of building materials, Eurowindow is a reputable contractor, always trusted by big investors to complete green urban area projects. Some of the big projects that Eurowindow has implemented include Vingroup’s Vinhomes Central Park Tan Cang; Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Center, Sunshine Garden, Sunshine Palace, Sunshine Boulevard, Sunshine City; TNR Holding with Goldmark City; Alphanam Group with Alphanam Luxury Danang, Luxury Apartment…

The fact that Eurowindow continues to complete the project of The Manor Central Park of Bitexco Group once again confirms the leading position of Eurowindow in the field of large aluminum doors and façade in Vietnam.

The Manor Central Park is a complex urban area project consisting of residential, commercial, office, school and sports facilities, built on an area of 90ha, adjacent to Chu Van An park of 100ha.

With the business philosophy of Bitexco Group which is to build projects to improve the quality of life on the basis of sustainable development, The Manor Central Park was designed to become a harmonious urban area with modern infrastructure, beautiful architecture and convenient living space. At The Manor Central Park, one can recognize the Western modern architecture harmonizing with Asian inspiration, the proximity and harmonization with nature.

Not only is the result of the green urban area master plan design consulted by the architects from CZS and EE & K (USA), The Manor Central Park is also architecturally designed by a very prominent architecture company in Japan and Asia - Kume Sekkei.

With modern features but dignified minimalism of Japanese architecture, the apartments at The Manor Central Park have delicate design, spacious space, soak in natural sunshine and wind. Therefore, using products such as Eurowindow aluminum doors and façade for the project will maximize the advantages. In particular, Eurowindow aluminum products are durable, scratch-resistant, non-corrosive by conventional chemicals or weather, environment friendly, recyclable at the end of their life cycle, have good sound and thermal insulation, save energy and meet the strict criteria of the investor.

Perspective of The Manor Central Park project of Bitexco

According to the contract signing (valued at more than 92 billion dong) with the investor Bitexco, Eurowindow is supplying and installing all windows, doors for low-rise apartments of Block 4, Block 5 , Block 6 and Block 8. In which, window and sliding door products, thanks to the advantage of maximum space savings, have been used by investors in large quantities.

The Manor Central Park project, with a total investment of nearly $ 2 billion, includes over 1,000 low-rise apartments and high-rise condominiums wwith closed utilities promising to bring a green urban area located right in the heart of Hanoi. Eurowindow's high quality aluminum doors and façade will contribute to high-quality living space with modern, luxury appearance. Eurowindow is expected to complete the construction works in the third quarter of 2018.

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