Eurowindow attends the annual meeting of Myanmar Association of Construction Enterprises

Eurowindow attends the annual meeting of Myanmar Association of Construction Enterprises

Wednesday, 20/11/2019 14:22


In order to enhance product introduction and connect with businesses, promote opportunities to exploit the Myanmar market, Eurowindow recently attended the annual meeting of the Association of Myanmar Construction Enterprises (MCEA), with the presence of more than 160 leaders who are representatives of member units.

Established in 1996, the Myanmar Construction Business Association is a civil society organization, regularly engaged in the exchange of experience, dissemination of scientific and technical progress, construction and management technologies executing the construction, aiming to improve the efficiency and quality of construction works, increase labor productivity. The association is also a focal point to coordinate and connect member businesses with foreign companies and organizations from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and China.

During the meeting, representatives of the Myanmar Construction Business Association summarized the activities that took place in the past year and re-elected the new Executive Committee, continued to take on the role of "leader" and discussed and propose progressive solutions, developing architectural planning of the country in the period of openness and international integration.

Representative of Myanmar Association of Construction Enterprises reported operating results in 2017

Attending the meeting as a development investment enterprise in Myanmar market, Eurowindow warmly congratulated the new Executive Committee of the Association, especially congratulated the new MCEA President - Mr. U Shein Win (President) Board of Directors of Tet Lann Group).

From the understanding of the market of building materials in Myanmar, Eurowindow realized that the demand for products such as doors and aluminum and glass walls of Myanmar is very large, spreading in many fields such as residential houses, mechanics health centers, commercial centers, transportation infrastructure, airports, seaports, industrial parks ...

Accordingly, at the event, Eurowindow showed uPVC doors and windows with reinforced steel core, wooden doors, aluminum doors, wooden aluminum and large glass aluminum walls with many unique, preeminent, high-tightness features. , capable of anti-noise, energy-saving, introduced to business leaders leaders.

In the lobby of the event, many leaders of construction companies visited and learned about the product.


Visiting and feeling the products on display at the event, Mr. U Kyaw Paing - First Vice President - Executive Committee of Myanmar Association of Construction Enterprises assessed that the opportunity for Eurowindow to exploit the market is huge. Because Myanmar has quite a lot of similarities with Vietnam: in terms of climate, consumer habits, daily life of people ... While in fact, most of the aluminum and plastic doors products being used in Myanmar are processed goods are not high quality, do not meet the diverse needs of the people, the architects tend to pay more attention to high-end products. Through such occasions, Eurowindow's products will be known and used more and more by businesses across the country.

It can be said that, after the initial success of setting up a representative office and showroom in Yangon (Myanmar), Eurowindow strengthened exchanges, cooperated with investors, construction contractors, architects and private companies. Designing is an important premise for the product to be introduced widely, bringing the optimal material solutions into practical implementation at the works. According to the plan, Eurowindow will focus on exploiting, expanding market share, proceeding to invest in a factory in Myanmar to minimize production, transportation costs, meet market demand and ensure progress for the construction.

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