Eurowindow constructed and installed wooden doors for Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

Eurowindow constructed and installed wooden doors for Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

Saturday, 16/11/2019 12:03


Nearly 16 years of presence in the market, Eurowindow has become a close partner selected by many reputable investors, using products in large projects and projects. Recently, Eurowindow continued to sign a contract to supply wooden doors for Ha Do Centrosa Garden project.

Located at No. 200, 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 10, TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Do Centrosa Garden project is built on an area of ​​6.85ha, including 8 towers, each building has 30 floors and 115 adjacent houses. This is a complex area planned in sync with modern facilities in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Featuring a green architectural model, the apartments at Ha Do Centrosa Garden are intelligently designed, in order to optimize the area of ​​use while maximizing harmony with nature by the lots, glass walls and systems modern door system…

Perspective of Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

Not only owning a modern system of interior and exterior services, synchronous planning, Ha Do Centrosa Garden apartment also deserves an international 5-star level because the interior design is all by the team. Leading architects in charge of the world: Archetype (France), Surbana (Singapore) ... With an elegant and sophisticated decoration space, the harmonious combination between wooden doors and modern furniture in deep colors light as it exudes modern and polite features for each house.

According to the signed contract, during this construction period, Eurowindow will install nearly 7 500 sets of wooden doors, used at the following locations: main doors, room doors of Block 1A1, 1B. The total contract value is over 64 billion dong.

In particular, Eurowindow fireproof wooden door products are used as an effective fire protection solution, ensuring safety for residents in buildings. The advantage of the product is that when the unfortunate fire occurs, the temperature up to 90 degrees Celsius, the fireproof gasket will turn itself into glue, sealing the entire door with the mold, preventing the spread of smoke, helping protect the unfortunate people trapped inside and extend the escape time for residents. With fireproof wooden door accessories system imported from leading European firms, including: hinges, hydraulic shrink arms, door locks, handles ... made from steel material, able to withstand heat Because of the height of the fire, the door can still operate normally, bringing peace of mind for people living in Ha Do Centrosa Garden.

Modern wooden doors also use a gasket system to help open and close smoothly, and increase sound insulation; The main door uses a multi-point latch lock to increase safety, the door to the room can be used with conventional locks; 3D hinges help to align the door to prevent sagging.

Smart design, scientific layout helps to make the most of the space and utility, bringing comfort and convenience to households.

For buildings with modern architecture such as in Ha Do Centrosa Garden, Eurowindow door is not simply a separation of space, movement or connecting to the external environment, but actually creating. Decorative accents increase the aesthetics, safety; increase the value of the project.

According to the plan, Eurowindow will complete the construction of items and take over and hand over the 1B area in the third quarter of 2018. Zone 1A1 is expected to be handed over in the second quarter of 2019.

Previously, Eurowindow supplied and installed the door system including: windows, doors for apartment blocks, glass walls, glass doors for shopping centers and bathrooms, aluminum bars at Block 1A1, 1A2., 1B, with a total contract value of nearly VND 150 billion.

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