Eurowindow contributes to promoting the trend of using green, energy-saving building materials in Vietnam

Eurowindow contributes to promoting the trend of using green, energy-saving building materials in Vietnam

Tuesday, 14/01/2020 17:59


On 11/8, Eurowindow Joint Stock Company cooperated with the Ministry of Construction to successfully organize the seminar "Trends in using green building materials, saving energy in Vietnam".

Attending the seminar were Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh - Deputy Minister of Construction, Mr. Gustav Neupert - Product Market Manager of Profine (Germany), Mr. Toshihiro Tanihara - VFG Marketing Director of NSG Group, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - General Director of Eurowindow, and many interested architects, investors and customers.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh - Deputy Minister of Construction delivered the opening speech

The seminar focused on providing in-depth analysis and evaluation in the application of green and environmentally friendly materials solutions towards sustainable urban development in Vietnam from a multi-dimensional perspective of leaders and experts in Vietnam.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong said: “Actually, the concept of green building has appeared in Vietnam since 2007 but it has not been widely disseminated. Currently, Vietnam has only more than 60 buildings achieved Green Building certification. This figure is very modest compared with 125 Green Buildings in Malaysia, 500 in Taiwan and 1,500 buildings in Singapore”.

Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - General Director of Eurowindow

According to Mr. Do Thanh Tung - Director of the National Institute of Architecture, the development of green buildings has great significance such as: increasing 3-5% of labor productivity of building users; reduce risk of disease and improve users' health; reducing 30-50% of water resources and artificial energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions; reduce 10-15% of operating and maintenance costs; increase value, sustainability and service life.

Mr. Do Thanh Tung - Director of National Institute of Architecture

In fact, the construction of energy-saving green buildings in Vietnam can be said to have been carried out since time immemorial. However, the current status of green building development in our country still faces many difficulties, specifically as follows: people's awareness of green buildings is limited; Architectural solutions and green building planning are not diverse; lack of synchronous solutions; the system of legal documents is not sufficient; The initial investment cost of green buildings is often higher than normal.

In order to limit the challenges and facilitate the development of green buildings and green materials in the future, leaders and experts proposed some practical solutions. For the state agencies, it is necessary to complete the policy mechanism and the system of legal documents on green buildings and environmentally friendly materials.

Q&A in the conference

At the same time, the training, research and application of science and technology in the process of producing and using green materials, serving the development of green buildings, should also be strengthened. This process should be carried out synchronously, according to the schedule and each specific type of construction. Particularly, it is necessary to expand propaganda and advocacy activities to raise people's awareness about using green building materials and saving energy.

At the seminar, solutions to develop green buildings through the application of green materials, energy saving are also very interested in architects, investors and design consultants.

The seminar attracted leading experts and leaders of leading manufacturers and suppliers of green materials in Vietnam and the world to participate in product introduction. As one of the pioneering enterprises providing green building materials products in Vietnam, Mr. Vu Trong Trung - Deputy General Director of Eurowindow Sales and Technology introduced products that meet green material standards. Eurowindow, such as: uPVC plastic doors using profile bars manufactured by Koemmerling (Germany) according to the "Greenline" standard without harmful lead.

Aluminum doors are durable, scratch-resistant, not corroded by common chemicals or weather effects, and are recyclable after use life cycle large aluminum glass doors and walls made from aluminum profiles with insulated bridges combined with glass boxes, EPDM gaskets and synchronized metal accessories system help save energy and prevent noise.

Wooden doors are manufactured from raw materials of planted forest wood, which have been denatured, avoiding shrinkage and shrinkage. Eurowindow plantation timber doors are certified FSC - Certified by the organization that love afforestation and do not extend to natural wood sources.

Assessing the success of the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thong - Vice President of Vietnam Association of Architects said: “The workshop organized by the Ministry of Construction and Eurowindow has achieved two important results. Firstly, the workshop successfully connected architects with manufacturers and investors to promote the development of green buildings in Vietnam. Secondly, with meaningful communication messages, the seminar raised awareness about the role and social responsibility of individuals and businesses in developing green materials and green buildings, environmentally friendly. ”.

Eurowindow is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of doors and exterior covering in Vietnam, always ready to cooperate with architects and investors to contribute to the realization of public ideas green, environmentally friendly, improving the quality of life and towards sustainable urban development in the future.

Some photos at the workshop:

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