Eurowindow glass doors and windows - Bring green space to each apartment 6th Element

Eurowindow glass doors and windows - Bring green space to each apartment 6th Element

Tuesday, 31/12/2019 16:33


With the desire to bring residents a green, modern and quality living space, Bac Ha Group Joint Stock Company has continued to trust and choose to use Eurowindow large aluminum doors and windows for Mixed-use Housing - Sixth TH Element Project in Tay Ho Tay Urban Area.

As the most popular project of the Ha Ha Group, Sixth TH Element is a class of living space, fully meeting the standards of civilization, trendy but still full of green. The project is located in Tay Ho Tay urban area, which belongs to the Northwest of Hanoi city - The area is famous for a place with airy living space, comfortable living environment by building density, court. High-rise buildings are not many.

To take advantage of the location advantages, at the Sixth TH Element project, in addition to dedicated 6,000 m2 to build the garden landscape, the investor in Bac Ha also pays special attention to the design so that each Each apartment owns a perfect space as possible.

The arrangement of large balconies, overlooking the West Lake helps the air circulation in the apartment be better, bringing airy and comfortable for homeowners. Besides, with the large window design using high-quality aluminum and glass materials to help maximize the use of natural light, sunlight, wind, and save a lot of electricity consumption to meet projection needs shining.

Perspective of the Sixth TH Element Tay Ho Tay project

Meeting the rigorous requirements of the investor, Bac Ha, Eurowindow with nearly 16 years of experience and reputation for construction of large apartment projects will directly provide and install more than 22 600 m2 of doors and aluminum and glass walls. Big for Sixth TH Element's apartment block the total value of the system of doors opening, sliding doors, windows opening, Eurowindow large glass aluminum walls ... up to nearly VND 100 billion. This is the number "speaking", showing the investment of the project investor basically.

Products aluminum glass doors and glass balustrade used at apartments Sixth TH Element Tay Ho Tay

Choose to use Low-e box glass that is effective against heat, anti-infrared, ultraviolet rays, reducing the level of heat transfer of the sun, inert gas-injected glass boxes that reduce sound transmission, heat transfer, the investor not only wishes to help the apartment owners can save the maximum cooling power of the room in the summer, keep warm in the winter, but also ensure the safety for users.

Eurowindow rotating door products have soundproof, heat insulation and high tightness. The aluminum and glass surface is designed to expand the space, create an overview of the indoor space and bring a luxurious, modern and quiet beauty to the apartment. In addition, the door design is made of aluminum profile with reasonable reinforcement to increase bearing capacity, bringing high safety for the building.

Meanwhile, the sliding sliding doors are intelligently designed to optimize the area of ​​the apartment, easy to clean, save maintenance costs. Especially, with high strength and safety, this is the optimal solution for a 38-storey high building, avoiding the risk of wind crushing and dropping glass during stormy days.

Not only that, the Eurowindow door system at Sixth TH Element project also uses Jotun high-quality paint with high durability, helping to resist corrosion and fade over time. This is the first paint product to be certified as Green Label, environmentally friendly and protecting human health.

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