Eurowindow "launching" many new products and attractive promotions at Vietbuild Hanoi 2018

Eurowindow "launching" many new products and attractive promotions at Vietbuild Hanoi 2018

Thursday, 16/08/2018 16:38


At Vietbuild Hanoi 2018, Eurowindow will introduce to customers many new products with outstanding features. Especially, on this occasion, customers buy Eurowindow doors will be discounted 10% of contract value after VAT.

As a leading brand of building materials industry for the past 15 years, Eurowindow is known for its uPVC plastic doors, large aluminum doors and façade, and many other high quality, environment friendly products. With the criteria of always updating modern production technology to meet the needs of changing the architectural appearance of projects and following the trend of world development, Eurowindow always pioneers to bring domestic costumers modern door products with smart and novelty design.

Participating in Vietbuild 2018, Eurowindow continues to showcase, introduce new products that applied modern technology. Besides products such as uPVC plastic doors; large aluminum doors & façade; wooden door; flameproof wooden door; wooden floor, Eurowindow will introduce to customers many new products with intelligent features in the showroom of Eurowindow.

Eurowindow's showroom at Vietbuild Hanoi 2018.

One of which is the color-changing OLD solar energy control glass used in civil engineering. The glass is composed of two tempered glass on either sides and in the middle is a film layer containing charged particles that change color when discharged. By converting the glass color within 45m per second, the product blocks 98% of ultraviolet radiation to protect human health and save energy. Moreover, the cost of maintenance of the product is lower than the use of other sun protection systems. With superior features, the color-changing OLD solar energy control glass is the ideal thermal insulation solution for intelligent buildings.

The first automatic sliding door product in Vietnam is the product line representing the latest developments in automatic doors from technical equipment to aesthetics. The product is designed in a smart, modern European style, operates basing on the mechanism of rotating, sliding and folding wings to two sides, automatically create maximum space expansion. The wing structure is made of aluminum profiles, which ensure the stability; fittings structure ensures high sound insulation – thermal insulation - tightness. The product quality meets European standards such as DIN 18650, DIN EN 60335-2-103. The material is imported 100% from Geze (Germany) - one of the world leading manufacturers of automatic doors…

The Eurowindow EA55 aluminum system is based on the EuroGroove standard and can be used with a wide variety of metalware fittings. The rounded wing profile design enhances aesthetics, glazing moulding for both doors and windows. A wide variety from flip out, inward opening, outward opening, tilt and turn windows to inward opening, outward opening, tilt and turn, connecting, balcony, sliding and folding doors …

Eurowindow-RoTo I aluminum doors are the exclusive product of Eurowindow in cooperation with Roto-Frank (Germany), the world's leading manufacturer of door fittings. 100% of the product material is imported from Roto, in which profile bar is distributed exclusively in Vietnam. The product has reasonable price with outstanding features such as tightness, high sound and thermal insulation. Eurowindow-RoTo I aluminum door is very suitable for private home, villa and high end apartment projects.

Visit and buy Eurowindow products at Vietbuild Hanoi 2018 to receive many attractive gifts.

In addition, the automatic sliding door products exhibited at this exhibition are more innovative than the previous ones, in which the automatic sliding glass door is super-compact, managing the operation by monitoring all parameters of the control device, ensuring absolute safety during use. The door leaf is made of aluminum or unbroken glass panels to reduce the volume of the door, which contributes to the longevity of the engine and its components, at the same time creates a gentle and free feeling, meeting the design and aesthetics requirements. The product has four functions to choose from using a built-in keyboard: Automatic, one-way opening, opening mode, at night.

Vietbuild Hanoi 2018 takes place from March 28 to April 1, 2018 with the scale of about 1,700 booths. The exhibition will be an ideal destination for domestic and foreign businesses, visitors, partners, construction contractors, engineers, architects ... who are looking for new solutions in construction works and design, new products, hi-tech products serving the construction industry and housing projects.

In order to experience the modern, luxury and super smart door sets, please visit Eurowindow showroom at the A1 Main Hall, National Exhibition Construction Center.

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