Eurowindow - Prestigious contractor to install doors and windows for Imperia Sky Garden

Eurowindow - Prestigious contractor to install doors and windows for Imperia Sky Garden

Tuesday, 10/07/2018 17:06


With increasingly trend of green, environmentally friendly materials, Eurowindow aluminium door and curtain wall systems are increasingly appreciated by many architects and investors. In addition to large projects, Eurowidow has recently supplied products to Louis City, The Artemis in Hanoi, Res 11 building, Vinhomes Golden River in Ho Chi Minh City and other projects, Eurowindow has continued to win the contract supplying and installing windows and doors to Imperia Sky Garden project.

It locates at 423 Minh Khai street, Vinh Tuy ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, the Imperia Sky Garden luxury apartment complex of Terra Gold Vietnam is designed in Singaporean style.

The layout of the apartment is flexible and functional, suitable for modern families, limit the dead corner in maximum, the corridor connecting rooms as opening space and make the most use of demand. Each apartment has at least one open space and most of the space getting wind and sunshine, bringing cool and airy space for residents.

Perspective of the "green" Imperia Sky Garden project

Towards the goal of building a green project in accordance with international standards, the investor is very careful to select contractors, assure quality from design, material selection to construction and project operation. In order to reduce the power consumption, the employer also chose the direction of the house; suitable wall structure; soundproof, heat insulating glass to control the necessary light.

“Eurowindow glass door products are manufactured on modern lines so as to overcome the disadvantages of ordinary aluminum, meet the criteria of high durability, anti-scratch, no corrossion by common chemicals or the impact of the weather. In addition, the aluminum material used to make Eurowindow's doors is a high-end, recyclable line. This is the reason that investors trust the choice to use products”, - Representative of Employer of Terra Gold Vietnam said.

According to the plan, Eurowindow will supply 7,630 m2 of aluminum and glass windows and doors for Imperia Sky Garden, divided into two stages: Stage 1 layout 2nd-9th floors within 40 days - from 02/04/2018 to 11/05/2018; stage 2 will be installed 10th-27th floors within 81 days - from 12/05/2018 to 31/07/2018.

It has been expected to complete construction items and hand over to in June 2018, Eurowindow products will contribute to make new living trends for residents to work, live and play in a modern and comfortable urban space, integrating all services and facilities for life.

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