Eurowindow provided a training course for Central staffs

Eurowindow provided a training course for Central staffs

Wednesday, 30/01/2019 09:45


On two days 13 and 14/8/2017, Eurowindow JSC held a training course to improve professional skills for sales staff and management experience for leaders in Da Nang Branch with the presentation of the Master of Business Administration Nguyen Phu Tan from Jerfferson JSC.

The training was attended by 35 sales excutives from Eurowindow branches in Da Nang and staff of showrooms from Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Quy Nhon with showroom managers, branch directors and regional deputy directors.

On the first day of training, trainees reviewed the basic sales skills through a step-by-step process such as setting goals and planning, finding and reaching customers, introducing and presenting products, negotiating and selling…In addition, with years of experience in sales in a wide range of disciplines, highly trained professionals in the UK also shared valuable experiences, how to do marketing successfully for sales, how to care for customers and develop business relationships, sales notes for project clients and retail customers, how to advance to business managers ....

The training took place in an atmosphere of exciting when apart from the theoretical lectures also had group activities. 30 sales staff have been divided into 6 groups, randomly showroom and area, discussed and lectured with two familiar topics are Offering uPVC plastic products for retail customers in 3 groups: products, value and advantages; Planning retail sales for retail customers. After each presentation, the showroom managers and the rest of the group gave their assessment points.

Ending the first day of training, the group led by Hoang Minh Dong, thanks to the most accurate characteristics of the product, value and advantages of the product, with a clear presentation, fluency, well-coordinated among the members, judged to be the best presentation and won a registration voucher to take any course of Jerfferson Joint Stock Company - JBMC with 80% discount.

On the second day of training, expert Nguyen Phu Tan continued to share experiences with business leaders Eurowindow, to improve sales management capacity. From the establishment of sales targets, planning, managing the factors affecting the completion of the target, organizing the sales team, personnel management ... to the policy making, how to do sales marketing to increase sales…Practical stories have been analyzed to help the Central Business staffs have a more general look and experience.

In order to change the atmosphere, the activities of the group on 2nd day were slightly different from the first day, when the showroom managers & area managers together with two experienced salesmen Hoang Minh Dong and Nguyen Quoc Tien who are played the role as the leader of sales excutives (random). The winner of the second day was Nguyen Quoc Tien's team when they came up with a number of solutions, ways to limit the factors that affect the fulfillment of business goals. The prize is a pen worth 400 000 dong was given to the group with the best ideas and solutions.

At the end of the training course, Mr. Do Thu Khoa - Director of Da Nang Branch also gave a final assessment of the training course: "Although the training course lasted only two days, but after each presentation I see you are more mature and have more better skills. The business staff through this firmly grasp the basic knowledge and some necessary skills of the sales career as well as more understand the decisions of the manager, leader for you without complaining about too high indicators or leaders do not understand. You guys who the head of the showroom and the area has a more comprehensive view of your employees, through these activities to see the strengths and weaknesses to have more appropriate training methods, learn the ways to manage for suitable application, make your showroom grow stronger and accompany with the branch”.

Representing 12 new employees joining Eurowindow's sales team, Le Bao Luc said: "This is the second time I have participated in a sales training course. Previously working at Hoa Sen Group, the training course was only attended by staff. This time when attending Eurowindow course, I was surprised to see the presence of branch leaders and sales managers during two days listening, discussing, reviewing and commenting for emloyees. The full participation of everyone from the beginning to the end of the course expressed enthusiasm for work, for the company of Eurowindow staffs that makes me feel very proud”.

This is one of the regular activities of Eurowindow in order to create brand value, from staffs with high professionalism, professional style along with good quality products.

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