Eurowindow providing an emergency escape kit for tall buildings

Eurowindow providing an emergency escape kit for tall buildings

Thursday, 23/08/2018 16:56


Explosion, fire occurs continuously with increasing rate and increasing danger level. Incidents such as the fire in the apartment complex Marina (HCMC) has caused serious loss of both human and property, adversely affected the psychology of residents living in high-rise buildings.

While the risk of fire is always "stalking" and can happen at any time, the fire prevention in many high-rise buildings has not been receiving the attention it deserves from investors and management boards. But in some respects, the lack of skills and subjective habits of the residents are also part of the cause of heavy losses. If every household is more aware of the escape skills, and at the same time equipped with emergency solutions, the safety of individuals in families will be more guaranteed and possible damages will be minimized.

In developed countries such as those in Europe, the United States and Asia, emergency personal rescue equipment for high-rise buildings has been in use for many years. In Vietnam market, this product is also available in a variety of designs, models and prices. However, how to choose a product with good quality and high efficiency is not something known by everyone.

As a product that meets the most important criteria: safe and durable structure, easy to use, the emergency escape kit for high-rise buildings distributed by Eurowindow possesses many outstanding advantages, attracting attention of many customers, especially after the fire.

Components of Eurowindow emergency escape kit for high rise buildings available on the market

Sturdy, safe structure

The emergency escape kit for high rise buildings is composed of: speed reducer, safety cable, hanger, security belt, cable drum and protection container.

Speed reducer is the most important part of the product. It is designed with integrated anti-fall system, self-adjusting speed and can reach the maximum of 1.25 m per second, helping user to gently and safely land. This component has a pulley-like design, the parts inside are powder coated, anti-rust.

Safety cable is made with steel core used in the field of aviation; the outside is covered with specialized synthetic fibers with high heat resistance, ensuring safety of users. Besides, with the design of 60m, 80m and 100m length, customers can choose the length of cable to suit their apartment.

Hanger, padlock, anchor bolts are made of galvanized steel material, anti-corrosive paint, this product is resistant to corrosion, easy to install in the balcony or other suitable locations without fear of rusting or damaging for a long time, ready to use as needed.

Safety belt with large size is made of cotton or soft rip cord in order to bring comfort to the user. On the belt there is a adjustable clamp for flexibility to change the size to fit the chest of each individual and help stabilize posture during the escape.

The Eurowindow emergency escape kit for high rise buildings can withstand loads of up to 100 kg (equivalent to two people). As a result, families with children, elders or persons with disabilities can use extra belts for 2 people to escape safely at the same time.

Eurowindow testing the emergency escape exit product for residents living in condominiums

Easy to use

In the event of a fire incident, the user quickly commits the emergency escape steps in sequence:

Step 1: Fix the hooks of the speed reducer to the hook fixed at the exit window/balcony or other secure fixed point (for example, concrete pole, iron pole).Step 2: Put the safety belt on and attach one end of the safety cable to the hook on the belt.Step 3: Throw the cable drum onto the ground and quickly jump out of the fire.Step 4: Manually adjust the cable and slowly go down. When touching the ground, immediately loosen and remove the safety belt, get away from the danger.

The emergency escape kit for high rise buildings has been tested by Eurowindow several times with different loads at different heights and the results are safe for the user.

One notable feature of the product is that the cable length is chosen to suit the height of the floor, so when the first one goes down to the ground, the other end of the cable has already moved near to the speed reducer, helping the second person continue to hook the safety cable on and jump off without losing time.

To choose a genuine emergency escape product distributed by Eurowindow, please note: Eurowindow logo is printed on the surface of the speed reducer and on the packaging. All products are tested and certified by the competent authority for fire safety and have a 3-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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