Eurowindow signed a contract to construct large glass aluminum doors and walls for Eco Lake View project

Eurowindow signed a contract to construct large glass aluminum doors and walls for Eco Lake View project

Tuesday, 26/11/2019 17:16


Recently, Eurowindow won a contract to supply and install the entire items of exterior doors, aluminum glass walls and loggia doors for two buildings HH02 and HH03 - Eco Lake View project with a total value of nearly VND 60 billion. .

As an experienced unit in consulting, developing many projects in Hanoi as well as across the country, mentioning Ecoland market or referring to projects such as Eco Park View, Eco Green City, Hanoi Paragon, Imperial Plaza, B6 Giang Vo ... and most recently Eco Lake View is located at 32 Dai Tu, Dai Kim, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.

Built on the land with a total area of ​​up to 3.86 ha, Eco Lake View is a complex of commercial services, office and high-rise housing including 02 32-storey residential buildings, 01 translated commercial building. service and garage with 9 floors and 03 basements.

With the goal of providing future residents with a high-class and quality living space, the investor has considered and carefully selected prestigious construction contractors such as Ha Development Investment Corporation. UDIC urban floor, Freyssinet Company (France), Eurowindow Joint Stock Company ... in order to ensure the quality of construction and construction progress, hand over the apartment as committed to customers, expected in the fourth quarter/2018.

The overall perspective of Eco Lake View project with a clear view

Devoting a lot of enthusiasm to the design and desire to realize it in the most optimal way, Ecoland has invested in high-class raw materials, using many leading equipment and famous brands such as: equipment Toto cleaning, Sino electrical equipment, Daikin air conditioners, Jotun wall paint ... Especially, Eurowindow large aluminum doors and aluminum walls were chosen by the investor to be installed as an architectural highlight of the outer surface, contributing to the increase. Aesthetics for the project has to make the most of the light and natural atmosphere for the apartments.

Promoting the uniqueness, modernity, simplicity but exuding elegance, Ecoland has chosen to use nearly 17 000 m2 of Eurowindow doors and aluminum glass walls, including aluminum arched glass walls, open one-wing windows outside, 2-leaf sliding doors, 1-leaf doors / 2-wing open external doors, 4-leaf doors (2 sliding doors, 2 fixed wings), 2-door hydraulic doors.

4-door doors (2 sliding doors, 2 fixed wings) installed at Eco Lake View apartment

With modern powder coating technology, warranty for up to 30 years, and the color of the paint on the aluminum frame surface of Eurowindow products retains durability, is not affected by oxidation or affected by weather conditions.

The project uses tempered glass to ensure safety for users. When impacted, the glass will be broken into many small pieces, no sharp edges like ordinary glass, so it is not dangerous to the user.

In addition, in some crucial locations such as windows and doors, the Eco Lake View project uses safety glass capable of withstanding high impact forces, even when it is broken, it still stands. Steady in the door, contributing to effectively preventing outside penetration. Eurowindow safety glass also has the ability to completely eliminate the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, help protect human health and extend the life of furniture.

The toughened glass or safety glass produced by Eurowindow has the effect of preventing heat, saving energy costs inside the house.

Along with high insulation capacity, the soundproofing of glass box will also give users a quiet, relaxing and quality living space.

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