Eurowindow supported the flood victims in Mu Cang Chai District

Eurowindow supported the flood victims in Mu Cang Chai District

Wednesday, 30/01/2019 09:48


Promoting the tradition of solidarity, the spirit of "mutual affection", “the good leaves protect the worn-out leaves”, in the past two days 10 and 11/8, Eurowindow Joint Stock Company along with the units, businesses, associations and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has joined hands to support affected families after the floods in Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province.

Over the hundreds of kilometers of muddy and slippery roads, the delegation, Ms. Le Thu Ha - General Director of Eurowindow was present in La Pan Tan Commune, Kim Noi Commune and Mu Cang Chai Town which was hit hardest after a devastating flood of unprecedented intensity in the past 30 years. Hundreds of houses have been roofed up, some have been completely collapsed, many people have been injured, their lives are still very difficult and not stable, representatives of Eurowindow JSC along with the businesses, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) gave to people in there many kind of items, essential items such as rice, noodles ...

About families suffering heavy losses, no house, human loss, Eurowindow visited and presented 16 gifts worth 2 million VND in cash/family. Families who have suffered minor damage or relocated to a safe place,Eurowindow supported 500 thousand VND/family. Although the amount of support is not large compared to the damage estimated to 150 billion after the flood in Mu Cang Chai, but this expressing the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection and helping each other in difficulties of the management and collective staff of Eurowindow.

Supporting disadvantaged families is one of Eurowindow's regular social activities, demonstrating the company's social responsibility and corporate culture. During 15 years of development, Eurowindow Joint Stock Company always orients its interests to the benefit of the community, regularly has positive social activities such as giving gifts to relatives in Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh in the central flood in 2016, support for the construction and renovation of housing for people with meritorious services to the revolution through the Hanoi Poor People Fund, the support for difficult cases, the families suffering from severe circumstances in the Eurowindow family . It can be said that this is one of the factors contributing to the cultural identity of Eurowindow.

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