Eurowindow to execute the door and large aluminium glass wall for 175 Military Hospital

Eurowindow to execute the door and large aluminium glass wall for 175 Military Hospital

Thursday, 22/02/2018 11:18


Recently, the investor of Military 175 Hospital has officially selected Eurowindow as the supplier, construction and installation of glass aluminum doors and windows, large glass aluminum wall for the Institute of Traumatology. Winning a major and key project has once again confirmed Eurowindow's reputation and brand in the market.

Located at 786 Nguyen Kiem Street, Ward 3, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, the Institute of Traumatology, under the project of Military Hospital 175 was built on an area of ​​66.055m2, with total investment near VND 200 billion.

The project is designed with 1 basement and 9 floors, divided into 15 specific departments and functional areas including: medical examination room, first aid, patient area, technical expertise, logistics services. specialized departments ... and helicopter landing gear to carry out emergency medical emergencies from afar.

It is expected that after the operation, orthopaedic hospital will arrange 500 beds, together with Cancer Center, Traffic Accident Center, Rehabilitation Center, Nursing Institute, Center will provide medical examination and treatment services and transfer high-quality training technologies, contributing to reducing overcrowding of central hospitals and end-hospital hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Military Hospital 175 becomes a special hospital by 2020.

With the specificity of healthcare, treatment of patients with orthopaedic surgery, requiring a wide open space and quiet, the investor chose to install the main aluminium windows and approximately 8,000 m2 large glass wall Eurowindow cover surface. The total value of contracts signed with the project owner 175 Military Hospital about 28 billion. It is expected that the construction period will be completed in the second quarter of 2017

Talking about the selection of Eurowindow products for his project, “In just a few years, 175 Military Hospital will become a cluster of hospital population of 1,500 beds. We try our best to make the hospital a regular and respected military medicine center for the best health care of soldiers and people in the army. Looking at the products that Eurowindow provides in the market and the big works have used in the past, we are completely assured and confident about the quality objectives. We found that Eurowindow's high quality aluminium doors will help the project achieve outstanding features, which can be noise-proof, heat-insulated, energy-saving, secure for rooms and public spaces in general”, the employer of Military 175 Hospital project said.

Previously, the product door and glass wall Eurowindow with great features has become the first choice of many hospitals across the country such as Children's Hospital in HCM City, General Hospital Hai Ocean, Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Hospital, International Hospital Vinmec - Times City, Dong Nai International Obesity Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, Central Cancer Hospital 2, Vietnam Friendship Hospital Level 2, Da Nang Cancer Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital 2, Viet Duc Hospital 2, Central Hospital 2 and others.

These are the most obvious proofs of the quality of Eurowindow products and services.

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