Eurowindow to move its headquarters to the Eurowindow Office Building

Eurowindow to move its headquarters to the Eurowindow Office Building

Friday, 09/02/2018 17:51


From 20/11/2017, Eurowindow officially moved its head office from 30BCD Ly Nam De, Hoan Kiem to Eurowindow Office Building at 2 Ton That Tung, Dong Da, Hanoi. The building will be the workplace of the Board of Directors and staff of Eurowindow office, Eurowindow Holding and member companies.

After 15 years of construction and development in Vietnam, Eurowindow has affirmed the position of one of the leading construction materials market and has many member companies in Eurowindow Holding Group are operating effectively. in the field of civil construction, development - management and real estate business and others.

Eurowindow Office Building

The construction of the Eurowindow Office Building is aimed at meeting the evolving needs of Eurowindow and other member companies and creating a modern, professional working environment for the Group. Having the conditions to work in the same building will help the Board and staff to save time for discussion, direct discussion, speed of work settlement will be faster and more effective.

Eurowindow Office Building has a total floor area of ​​nearly 20,000 m2, including 17 floors and 3 basements, consulted by Wimbley Allison Tong & Goo (WATG) Company of America - one of the home the world's leading design consultant, succeeds with many designs with unique design ideas. WATG has been involved in designing many big and prestigious projects in Asia such as Shangri-La Hotel (Singapore), Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo (Japan) and others. With its prestige, capacity and experience, WATG has Offering the optimum design for both aesthetics and functionality for the Eurowindow Office Building. Located at the crossroads of the traffic junction, the building is designed with the main entrance in the lobby creating an elegant, modern style architecture unique and luxurious. The main hall of the building and the entire elevator lobby of each floor are the experts from foreign HBA (Singapore) consultancy interior design and lighting design.

Stick Large glass-walled aluminium system

One of the highlights of the architecture is the installation of Stick glass-walled aluminium, using a black glass box Low-E covering the entire surface of the building. The large aluminum glass wall with decorative aluminium lattice with vertical and horizontal lines on the outer surface of the whole building creates a unique, highly aesthetic. Injected glazed windows ensure high sound insulation, high thermal insulation and low energy consumption combined with low-E glass has the advantage of high thermal resistance, minimal surface radiation This reduces heat absorption and slows down the heat transfer process from the outside to ensure the brightness of the interior space. Eurowindow glass wall is not only bring the beauty of modern luxury but also create quiet office space for office.

In addition, Eurowindow Office Building also uses Eurowindow's advanced door system. In the main hall, the automatic turnstile ensures high speed but still separates the interior and exterior, keeping the heat, avoiding wind and dust ... At the exit, the fire resistant Eurowindow - Bunka It is equipped to prevent the spread of fires and prevent the spread of fumes and gases in the corridors, stairs, etc., which help to ensure safety of exits, limit the area of ​​fire and ensure safety. human life and property protection, facilities. In addition, the building also uses the type of rolling doors, automatic sliding doors, hydraulic doors, aluminium doors, wooden doors and others.

It locates at the intersection of Ton That Tung - Chua Boc - Pham Ngoc Thach - Dong Tac, the location of Eurowindow Office Building is very convenient for business transactions with partners, customers. At the first floor, the reception hall is widely spread in the center of the reception area. On the side of Ton That Tung street is the Showroom of Eurowindow - the showroom of uPVC doors, aluminium doors, wooden aluminium doors, wooden doors, fire resistant wooden doors, automatic doors, hydraulic doors ... From 2nd floor to 17th floor The building is a modern Grade A office building.

High speed elevators

In particular, floors 6, 11, 12, 12A, 14, 15, 16, 17 are the workplace of Eurowindow, Eurowindow Holding and a number of member companies. The remaining floors are used as offices for rent. Eurowindow Office Building is open to intelligent control systems. The building is equipped with 6 high speed elevators 2.5m/sec of the world's leading elevator company Mishubishi help staff in the building easy to travel, increase the connection and exchange of work more convenient between departments. The staircase is equipped with intelligent light sensor system that can automatically turn on and off automatically based on motion sensor, saving energy efficiency. In addition, the building also has a security camera system, access control system and other. In the spacious basement area, the building management will arrange the automatic parking control system to inform the location of control center.

Luxury reception hall

At each floor of the building, there is a system of small and large meeting rooms with meaningful names such as: Professional, Effective, Dynamic, Renewal, Success ... not only meet the demand used as a meeting place of the departments but also expressed their own culture, work spirit and determined to set goals of all staff in the company. Phu Dong and Thanh Gion multi-purpose rooms can be opened in large rooms, besides serving for common activities, this will be a gym to improve staff's health after stressful working hours. The Relax Coffee on the 18th floor has a nice view, is a place to rest, relax and meet customers, partners of the staff in the building.

Dien Hong hall

Particularly, the building also has a large Dien Hong hall designed with a light beam ceiling combined with wood panels decorated with arches to create a luxurious space. The hall is equipped with sound system, lighting, modern LED screen. With a capacity of about 300 people, this will be the venue of the major events of the Group such as celebrations, seminars, conferences and others.

The Eurowindow Office Building office is in operation not only to show the growing development of Eurowindow but also to change the appearance of the central area of ​​Dong Da district, Hanoi.

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