Eurowindow to supply doors and windows for HDI Tower

Eurowindow to supply doors and windows for HDI Tower

Tuesday, 10/07/2018 17:13


In this project, Eurowindow constructed and installed more than 2000 m2 of aluminum doors with insulated bridge, including sliding door, outward swing window with walls for apartment block and more than 1,700 m2 of aluminum facade for footing of commercial center.

HDI Tower was built by Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Joint Stock Company No. 7 (Handico 7) under Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation. The tower is located at 55 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, next to and has a full view of Thong Nhat Park. Possessing a desirable location, it can be said at the HDI Tower “buy a square meter, own a water park".

The project is built and designed in neoclassical style with 19 floors, including 3 basements connected; a high-end commercial center from the first floor to the fourth floor, there is a gym and four swimming pools at the 5th floor ; From floors 6 to 19 is a high-class apartment from 6th to 9th floor, hanging gardens and coffee system at 19th floor for residents of the building.

Perspective of the project

In pursuit of the motto “Honor the value of life”, the Employer aims to invest the works that reach the pinnacle of architectural art applying the most advanced construction technology and best quality materials to construct a long-lasting HDI Tower, meeting the criteria of a mixed-use luxury commercial real estate service and housing.

To meet the criteria, the Employer of Handico 7 has chosen to use the door and curtain walls of Eurowindow. In this project, Eurowindow constructed and installed more than 2000 m2 of insulated aluminum door including sliding door and outward swing window for all apartment blocks of the project. Aluminum itself is a lightweight, durable material, and aluminum bars are designed with hollow chambers and rigid reinforcements so that the use of this material will reduce the load on the whole building compared to other materials. Profile bars are reasonably designed with hollow bins and stiffeners as well as aluminum thickness. Especially with the system of products with insulating bridges, more stiffeners and hollow make bearing force higher and reduce heat transfer to ensure soundproof, insulating and maximum energy savings for living space.

In addition, Eurowindow has built more than 1,700 square meters of aluminum facades for footing of the trade center. The large glass wall and facade makes the space of the commercial center wider with beautiful scene, luxury and modern for the overall appearance. Eurowindow has expected to complete the installation of HDI Tower at Quarter 3rd of 2018.

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