Eurowindow widely introduces the total solutions of large glass doors and aluminum walls to the people of Nghe An

Eurowindow widely introduces the total solutions of large glass doors and aluminum walls to the people of Nghe An

Friday, 10/01/2020 19:34


In order to continue promoting high quality products to a large number of customers, on the afternoon of August 3, Eurowindow Joint Stock Company organized a seminar to introduce the overall solution of large aluminum glass doors and walls for constructions built in Nghe An. Attending the event were leaders of Department of Construction, representatives of Nghe An Architects Association and nearly 100 guests who are Eurowindow architects, design consultants, partners and customers.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Mr. Vu Trong Trung - Deputy General Director of Eurowindow emphasized, Eurowindow's journey of nearly 16 years of building and developing brands has conquered customers' trust with production capacity with wire modern technology lines, synchronous equipment, a contingent of well-trained technical workers, with long experience, product quality and construction progress of works.

Officially opened the first showroom in Nghe An in 2007, up to now, after more than 10 years of approaching and exploiting the market, Eurowindow's large aluminum doors and windows have been present in many large projects and projects. , contributing to perfecting the face of modern urban top in the North Central region.

Eurowindow's goal is to contribute to the realization of the application of advanced technology and new materials of high quality to the construction field in Vietnam in general and in works in Nghe An in particular.

Mr. Vu Trong Trung - Deputy General Director of Eurowindow gave the opening speech

Sharing at the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loi - Deputy Director of Nghe An Department of Construction said, along with the overall planning solutions, design solutions applying technology, solutions for high quality construction materials. The high quality, including Eurowindow glass and door products, has been an important contribution to the success of new and modern architectural models, not only maximizing utility but also improving highly aesthetic, environmentally friendly.

With characteristics of Nghe An province with an area of ​​over 16 000 km2, a population of over 3 million people, 21 cities, towns and urban areas, of which Vinh City is a first-class city. An is currently only about 35% while this figure in Vietnam is on average 55% so the demand for investment in construction works in Nghe An is very large.

Due to the impact of climate change, the weather in Nghe An is quite harsh, the summer is very hot while the season is very cold, the demand for energy-saving construction materials of investors is therefore also tended to increase. Therefore, the room to expand Eurowindow's market share in Nghe An is still very large.

“At present, Nghe An has 7 large industrial zones, over 50 small-scale industrial zones, many industrial constructions, when using construction materials, use high-class construction materials to ensure good working conditions. Especially, for foreign project investors, they often set criteria to use green materials to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Secondly, for commercial buildings, houses, for example in Vinh City, with the goal of becoming the center of the North Central region, the strong development of commercial centers, educational and health facilities. ... requires more and more large constructions, infrastructure needs to be upgraded .... People's income increases resulting in higher demands, using high quality products better quality”- Mr. Loi emphasized.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loi - Deputy Director of Nghe An Construction Department said that the demand for using green building materials, saving energy in the locality is very large.

As a strategic partner and exclusive supplier of some of the world's leading prestigious brands in the field of building materials, Eurowindow has received the transfer of advanced, modern and design technologies new technology and strict control of the quality of input materials, giving consumers the best quality products.

At the seminar, Eurowindow representatives introduced in detail the advantages of uPVC doors, doors and large glass aluminum doors, wooden doors ... with stability, high durability, and sound insulation. , good insulation, energy saving ... are highly appreciated by architects for their efficiency and economic efficiency for users.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trinh - Director of Eurowindow foreign business introduces the optimal solutions in designing and applying green materials for constructions.

In fact, along with the trend of using materials that meet the criteria of green, beautiful and sustainable at the works, it has become popular in many developed countries in Europe, the US, the Middle East countries, the countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore ... or in big cities of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang ... architects Nghe An are also increasingly using more materials. High-class glass, doors for private projects and constructions.

Sharing at the workshop, the consultants and designers in the Architects Association of Nghe An province highly appreciated the superiority of Eurowindow products as an essential equipment for modern, quality-demanding buildings good. Attractive design and quality especially conquering fastidious customers, including those who have lived abroad and know Eurowindow products have been certified to international standards.

Chairman of Nghe An Association of Architects highly appreciated Eurowindow's contribution to the completion of modern architecture projects and civil works.

As a provider of total door solutions, providing complete covering solutions for the project, at the workshop, Eurowindow committed to always accompany the architects of Nghe An province, contributing to the current realizing modern architectural works, with high aesthetic value, saving energy and bringing economic efficiency to investors. In the coming time, in order to expand its market share, Eurowindow will strengthen its cooperation with design consulting companies, accompanying right from the concept to provide the best solution for customers.

Some other photos at the event:

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