Finalist of the Eurowindow Expert Contest in the North

Finalist of the Eurowindow Expert Contest in the North

Wednesday, 30/01/2019 09:40


On 11/8, in Hanoi, Eurowindow held the final program of the contest Eurowindow Expert in the North. The program has the participation of business leaders in the North, more than 100 fans and 81 candidates are sales executives from the Northern business departments.

Overview of contest

Eurowindow Expert is one of the programs that will marks the 15th anniversary of Eurowindow. With the expectation that the staffs of the company will always be professional, nimble, enthusiastic and intelligent in communicating with customers, quickly grasp the need to come up with the most suitable consulting solutions for customers, closing and signing contracts. Sales excutives are not merely sales excutives but also the main consultants. Therefore, sales excutives must always improve their sales knowledge, understand the materials, products and installation methods as well as always put themselves in the position of the customer to understand their wishes. Therefore, the Eurowindow Expert program is organized to help employees improve their knowledge, especially through this program will find the best individual of Eurowindow to honor on the 15th anniversary of the company.

Previously, the preliminary round was held with the participation of all sales excutives from all over the country and selected the best contestants for the regional finals.

Candidates are answering questions

The rules of the Eurowindow Expert Contest are organized in the form of the Golden Bell. Candidates on the floor will have 30 seconds to think and write answers on the board. Candidates answer questions from 1 to 20 in the form of theoretical questions, pictures, situations, objects, sounds and questions from the judges. Whoever answers wrong will automatically leave the field. The rest will continue to answer the next question. The contest will continue until there was only one candidate on the floor. If the number of candidates is more than 1 person, use sub-questions to choose a person to go to question 20. Who can answer the question 20will receive the "Golden Door" award worth 5 million dong and attend the final round will take place on 26/8. In addition, the top 8 finalists will receive a VND1 million prize and attend the company finals.

In particular, there’s a very interesting part of this contest is entitled "Rescue Candidates". This relief will take place if the 20thquestion has not finished but there are only few candidates (10-15 candidates) on the floor, the members of the relief committee will participate in the relief in the form of taking part in a small game. Then, representatives of the relief team will draw lots to find out the number of candidates will be returned to the ring. The members of the relief committee are the leaders participating in the program.

Stepping into the match, 81 candidates went through the questions in a very excited atmosphere and determined to fight hard to overcome all the challenges. The difficulty is gradually increased through each question, until the question number 10, there’s only one candidate on the ring, the outstanding candidate is Mr. Vo Dai Hai - Sales Excutives of Plastic Business Department of Thanh Hoa Showroom. Outstandingly passed 10 questions of the program, Mr. Hai is the candidate selected by the organizers of the final round of the region.

Until the 11th question, there was no candidate on the floor so the relief team used the right to rescue. Taking part in the relief, members have to bowl a hoop and bring ball to the basket. Within 5 minutes, the player must be very clever and agile to be able to get the most ball on the basket. After moments of nervousness under the cheers of the audience and the contestants, the relief team finally brought back 17 valid balls. Particularly, it was more fortunate that the representative of the relief team had collected the ballot “All candidates are allowed to return to the playground”. This result making the hall to burst into joy when 81 candidates were rescued and continued to answer questions.

The relief team is participating in the rescue

Candidates continue to answer questions. However, up to 15th question, there is no candidate on the floor. Therefore, the relief team continued to participate in the second relief and this time 29 candidates are back to the playground. The last questions raised was hard to reach. Finally, only 4 excellent contestants went to the 18th question. Thus, the final round of the North was stopped in regret when the winner of the "Golden Door" was not found.

The last four candidates stopped at question number 18
Finally, the organizers have found the 8 best candidates in the final questions to participate in the final round of the company will take place on 26/8

According to the program’s organizers, the final round of the South will be held on August 17 and they’re hoping the southern region will have excellent candidates to win the "Golden Door".

List of 8 excellent candidates to participate in the Eurowindow Expert finals in the North:

• Vo Dai Hai – Sales Excutive of Plastic Business Department, Thanh Hoa Showroom

• Trịnh Hùng Cường – Sales Excutive of Aluminum Business Department, EMC Showroom

• Trinh Huyen My – Sales Excutive of Foreign Sales Department

• Tran Duc Trong – Sales Excutive of foreign markets, Long Bien Showroom

• Ta Thi Hong Ha – Sales Excutive of Direct Sales Division, EMC Showroom

• Nguyen Thu Hien – Sales Excutive, Aluminum Project 1

• Vi Van Manh – Plastic Business Department, Ly Nam De Showroom

• Le Thi Oanh - Sales Excutive of foreign markets, Long Bien Showroom

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