Impressive display of Eurowindow products at Myanbuild 2017

Impressive display of Eurowindow products at Myanbuild 2017

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As a total solution provider in the door of Vietnam and step by step international, from 30 November to 02 December 2017, Eurowindow participated in the exhibition Myanbuild 2017.

The Myanmar construction industry is witnessing tremendous growth and opening up business opportunities for many domestic and foreign businesses in the construction and civil sectors. First held in 2013, Myanbuild is the largest and most important exhibit in the construction industry. This year, the exhibition takes place from November 30 to December 2, attracting the participation of nearly 500 companies received the attention of more than 10,000 customers.

Eurowindow received the Impressive Hall of Fame at Myanbuild 2017

Eurowindow has introduced its Myanmar, plastic, aluminium, wood and glass products for the first time. Eurowindow's showroom has attracted more than 500 customers, experts, architects, representatives of investors and contractors to visit and meet information. Eurowindow is also considered one of the 5 most impressive exhibitors of Myanbuild this year.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to Myanmar and many visitors to visit the exhibition area of ​​Eurowindow at Myanbuild 2017.

At the exhibition Myanbuild 2017, Eurowindow has showcased and introduced open roll over doors, laminate sliding doors and uPVC sliding doors. Not only meet the variety of models, styles, rich style of opening, uPVC door products brand Eurowindow also made a strong impression on visitors by using uPVC mold profile of Koemmerling (Germany) is produced in accordance with European standards, stabilizer in the profile bar without lead, environmentally friendly and does not affect the health of consumers. The steel reinforced profile reinforces the strength, combined with double gaskets and glass box is injected inert gas to ensure high tightness, sound insulation, good heat insulation, energy saving during use.

Chaw Thet New - an architect trained in Singapore and working in Myanmar very interested in aluminium glass doors, lift doors; And in Eurowindow, she said, "In Myanmar, I have noticed that many local developers have shifted their focus to building materials in general and door products in particular. of Vietnam and Thailand. I have known Eurowindow over the Internet and after seeing the reality at the showroom, listening to the Eurowidow consultants recommend, I was very pleased, and realized that Eurowindow products really fit the architecture of the building. Myanmar. In my opinion, three important factors to evaluate and consider the quality of door products is safety, durability and warranty and good after-sales service, Eurowindow can meet.

Architect Chaw Thet New is looking for information on the range of Eurowindow doors offered

Noteworthy for the first time in the exhibition Myanbuild, the line of aluminium doors and aluminium glass wall Eurowindow with representatives represented is the aluminium lift 2 wings, open windows and Semi Unitize aluminium wall, thanks to the superiority Ensuring wide vision, aesthetics, good tightness, sound insulation, high insulation has been highly appreciated by many architects and professionals.

Architect Zin Min Thu specializes in design of apartment buildings in Myanmar. “I came to the exhibition to learn about door products and new building materials, applying advanced technology. Previously, I am interested in products of Thailand, China. However, this time to learn more about Vietnam products, I was very surprised with the exhibition of Eurowindow. I am particularly interested in high-end Eurowindow doors”.

Even some of our homeowners who know Eurowindow through newsletters, radios, also bring drawings, share ideas and want to visit showroon to select and order the best product.

“A year ago I used aluminium door products manufactured by local companies and installed. However, the door quality is not good, the days of heavy rain and wind are still absorbed and leaking. I am intending to buy aluminium doors and other aluminium glass wall to replace the family. After looking directly at Eurowindow's products, I found the model very beautiful, definitely more than China, so decided to visit the showroom soon to make the best choice”, customers Myat Thuzar said

Customers Myat Thuzar is consulting Eurowindow enthusiastic about the product line and large glass wall

According to the assessment of the architects, investors, representatives of the contractors visiting Myanbuild exhibition, Eurowindow products have a lot of potential, development opportunities in the Myanmar market in the next 2-3 years, by High quality products supply this field is very little, Eurowindow price offered quite suitable for selection criteria of many works.

“Through the sharing of consultants at the exhibition, I learned that Eurowindow products are manufactured in accordance with modern European standards, with many advantages, high sound insulation, energy saving during use, Myanmar climate suit. I will study more carefully in order to advise customers to choose Eurowindow products for their projects”, Ma Thidar Nyein, an engineer working in the field of quality supervision works very satisfied. , impressed with the model, the product quality of Eurowindow shared.

International Exhibition Myanbuild 2017 is meaningful for Eurowindow in the promotion of investment, branding, grasp the trend and development of foreign markets, of which Myanmar is a major target market in the coming time.

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