Rhenocoll Paint company (Germany) to transfer water-based nanotube technology to Eurowindow

Rhenocoll Paint company (Germany) to transfer water-based nanotube technology to Eurowindow

Thursday, 22/02/2018 10:41


In order to provide customers with the best quality products, on November 29th, at Factory 1 Eurowindow Joint Stock Company, specialist of Rhenocoll (Germany) - Supplier of Nano Color Coatings and top quality paint has guided, trained and transferred water-based nanotechnology coating technique to Eurowindow.

Rhenocoll specializes in supplying, producing high quality Nano coatings and paints, based on advanced nano technology from Germany. Rhenocoll products are European standard in technology and are especially environmentally friendly. Color nano paints for PVC, outdoor furniture, aluminum and glass. Compared with other types of paints on the market, colored nanoparticles overcome the effects of natural influences on plastic materials, aluminum, wood, glass. Infrared IR protection, ultraviolet UV. Especially, Rhenocoll paint is a water-based paint product with no odor of paint as typical of other paints. It is completely non-toxic and safe for users, environmentally friendly.

According to expert Joseph Olejak - Representative of Rhenocoll paint company in Asia Pacific, in the world as well as in the region, many countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia ... the line of water-based paint technology Nano has applied in many large construction projects and is highly appreciated for its efficiency. However, in Vietnam, the treatment of paints on glass and glass is quite complex, and the use of paints is almost all of them contain toxic chemicals. Rhenocoll's transfer of N Glass Aqua Glassick technology marks Eurowindow's pioneering step in the use of environmentally-friendly paints, meeting green criteria that are a growing trend in the world today.

Representative of Rhenocoll Asia Pacific introduces the outstanding characteristics of Nano-based water-based paints and the training of technical theoretical paint for Eurowindow factory workers.

Based on the solvent element of the water, there is no chemical odor, when the customer needs to paint the glass surface in the condition of the works have been used, Eurowindow can conduct spraying without affecting the health of the user.

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