Workshop on Trends in using green building materials, saving energy in Vietnam

Workshop on Trends in using green building materials, saving energy in Vietnam

Friday, 10/01/2020 19:02


Using environmentally friendly building materials (green materials) is becoming an inevitable trend and is the goal of the building materials manufacturing industry.

Facing the global climate change, Vietnam is one of the countries facing the greatest challenges of habitat degradation. Therefore, building green buildings is environmentally friendly by using green building materials, taking advantage of resources, saving energy so as not to harm the lives of the next generation’s big target that Vietnam Architecture is heading.

In order to discuss more details about trends, current situation and solutions to develop green, energy-saving buildings in Vietnam, on August 11, 2018, the Ministry of Construction and Eurowindow jointly organized the workshop "Trends" using green building materials, saving energy in Vietnam ”at Dien Hong Hall, Eurowindow Office Building, No. 2 Ton That Tung, Hanoi,

The program was attended by Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh - Deputy Minister of Construction, Pham Van Bac - Director of Department of Construction Materials, Mr. Do Thanh Tung - Director of National Institute of Architecture, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - General Director of Eurowindow, Mr. Gustav Neupert - Marketing Manager of uPVC Profile Koemmerling (Germany), Mr. Toshihiro Tanihara - Marketing Director of VFC - NSG Group - Pilkington ..

Specifically, at the seminar, in addition to discussing trends, the status of green building development, businesses will lead the industry and leaders to provide in-depth analysis and evaluation in the application solutions for green materials, environmentally friendly in construction to create a green architecture, sustainable urban development for the future.

With the development orientation combining the interests of the business with the common interests of the society, contributing to environmental protection, product development associated with sustainable commitments, for the past 16 years, Eurowindow has been launched one after another product lines of green building materials, contributing to the creation of green buildings.

In particular, uPVC doors Eurowindow products are manufactured from uPVC profiles bar of Koemmerling (Germany) according to "Greenline" standard without lead in uPVC profile bars, environmentally friendly, non-toxic to humans use. In addition, uPVC Eurowindow door products have outstanding features that are not oxidized or yellowed in solar radiation conditions, high durability and sound insulation, high insulation, saving electricity and maintenance costs nursing during use.

Eurowindow aluminum glass doors and walls not only meet the criteria for green products, but with modern production lines, automatic spray paint lines also allow the creation of durable, scratch-resistant, corrosion-free products by common chemicals or weather effects and can be recycled after use life cycle. Especially, with fully automatic wastewater treatment system imported from Singapore, Eurowindow's wastewater is treated to "A Grade" - Vietnam's highest standard for environmental protection.

Eurowindow wood doors use raw materials from planted wood, with the product lines of natural wood doors, natural wood assembled bar, MDF, HDF are carefully selected and treated denatured before being put into production in order to increase stability and durability, minimize the deformation of the wood before Vietnam's climatic conditions. Eurowindow wood material has achieved FSC certification - is the certification of the organization who loves planting and does not extend to natural wood sources.

Besides Eurowindow, Koemmerling - the world's leading profile bar manufacturer and supplier with more than 100 years of experience, will introduce the green standards that have been applied to the Koemmerling uPVC profile system worldwide.

As a leading corporation in construction glass with innovative glass products and high economic efficiency, contributing to energy saving and environmental protection, at the seminar, NSG Group will introduce about NSG - Pilkington energy saving glass products.

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