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Product introduction

Introduction :

- Nowadays, GEZE manufactures two kinds of profile for automatic doors subject to its dimensions.

- ISO profile is durable and hard with 3cm wide, used for door with the height of over 2.5m and applicable for double glazing.

- ESC profile is thinner with 2cm wide, used for door with the height of under 2.5m.

Drive system: is divided into two types

Econo-drive is used for doors under 80kg per sash.

Slim-drive is used for doors over 120 kg per sash.

Operation mode:

- Automatic: Door opens and closes automatically when anyone passes.

- Opening mode: Door keeps opening

- One way opening: is applied to shops, supermarkets. At that time, it allows people to pass in single direction only.

- At night: timer is set up for closing and opening. In addition, there is locking mode fixed as required by users. At that time the drive system is locked so no one can open.

All the materials are imported from GEZE (Germany).


GEZE automatic sliding door can be installed either one or two wings subject to customers’ choices for their construction projects .

- It is easy and quick to install components.

- Persistent, long-life motor and no noise during operation.

- All of sliding door frame, rails, boxes are made of high quality aluminium alloy.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Application in construction