Summing up the promotion on the occasion of Vietbuild HCM and the 15th anniversary of Eurowindow

Summing up the promotion on the occasion of Vietbuild HCM and the 15th anniversary of Eurowindow

Thursday, 31/01/2019 18:10


On August 19, 2017, in Ho Chi Minh City took place the closing ceremony of the promotion program on the occasion of Vietbuild HCM 2017 and the 15th anniversary of founding Eurowindow.

In appreciation to customers in the South of Vietnam, Eurowindow has organized a promotion program on the occasion of Vietbuild HCM 2017 from June 15th to July 25th, 2017 and the program on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Eurowindow will take place from June 10 to August 10, 2017. In the first two months of the program, many homeowners signed a contract to buy and install Eurowindow for their home.

The closing ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors, branch leaders and all South Area Business Officers.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dang Thanh Binh - Deputy Sales Director of HCM City Branch said: "Looking back on Vietbuild HCM 2017 and 9 weeks of competition in promotion, all sales excutives of the branch have been together endlessly in the sales race. The efforts of the businessmen have been reflected in the very impressive numbers. Recently, Mr. Dang Thanh Binh also shared the difficulties of the sales staff and recorded the efforts of the staffs to achieve the target sales plan.

Mr. Mai Hoang Nguyen - Director of HCM Branch said: "Recalling the initial steps to establish Ho Chi Minh City Branch with a staff of about 10 people together established Mac Dinh Chi Showroom. During the difficult and challenging times, today everyone is here to record the results achieved in the promotion with 2,605 customer codes, 1,474 contracts. It can be said, the trust of customers in each product, the satisfaction of customers in the service is the greatest source of strength to help sales excutives try harder in the future. "

Continuing the program, Mr. Luong Quoc Binh - Deputy General Director in charge of Production and Materials represented the guest leaders to review the happy&sad memories in the early time of establishment of the branch, difficulties in the first time to bring the uPVC doors to the market, continuous efforts to conquer the most difficult customers. All of that moment as it was re-made the whole room burst emotionally.

The leaders and all employees of the South were present at the ceremony to raise the glasses to celebrate this great anniversary. Happy birthday song in the air excited. Eurowindow, with its strong growth and maturity, will continue to maintain its sustainable development, contributing to the beauty and changing the landscape of the land, step by step reaching the international level.

Also in the program of summing up the business promotion competition, it has found the best sales excutive and the best Showroom /area team for the award winners.

Sales excutive achieved the highest sales of private houses: Pham Minh Dung - Nha Trang showroom with a prize of a car SH 125i worth 80 million VND.

First prize of Showroom /area team has the highest sales of private houses: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Quang - Mac Dinh Chi Showroom received a diamond ring valued at 40 million VND.

Sales Director has the highest sales of private houses in the program: Mr. Ngo Hoai Phuong - Sales Director plastic door with a diamond ring worth 40 million VND.

At the end of the ceremony is a colorful meeting brings exciting atmosphere for all guests to participate.

The Eurowindow Next Top Model Contest consists of three rounds: catwalk, national costume contest and costume contest. Contestants from the departments and showrooms confidently present their part and give the audience the best performances.

The first female contestant of Eurowindow Next Top Model belongs to Nguyen Thi Bich Huong - Vung Tau Showroom

Eurowindow Next Top Model is Tran Tat Thang - Truong Son Showroom.

On the same day, the Ho Chi Minh City Eurowindow Sports Festival took place at the final round of the men's soccer tournament and the culinary festival attracts the participants.

Eurowindow Food Festival on the morning of August 19



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