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Close-up of HDI Tay Ho - High-tech 4-sided apartment with lake view

10/11/2021 Event News 156 View

Possessing a prime location in the west of the capital, the HDI Tay Ho project has "stirred" the high-end real estate market in the inner city since its launch with 3 sides overlooking West Lake and 1 facing directly. Starlake Lake. This place is known as the perfect residence for trendy homeowners.
In addition to the "expensive" location, the apartment building is also upgraded in value with 100% interior and exterior from major European standard brands, including 7,747 m2 of Eurowindow aluminum and glass doors and walls.

Close-up of HDI Tay Ho - 4-sided luxury apartment with lake view using Eurowindow products


Located on Vo Chi Cong main road, HDI Tay Ho project not only possesses a poetic view of West Lake, feng shui convergence of heaven and earth, but also has an important position when it is located at the connection point of the city. The arterial road of the capital, the gateway to the economic development of Hanoi in the future.
Built on an area of ​​2.4 hectares, HDI Tay Ho consists of 4 towers (2 mid-rise buildings and 2 high-rise buildings Sun and Moon on Vo Chi Cong street, 27 floors high), and 28 adjacent low-rise buildings . The apartment building is built according to French architecture, featuring pure white colors, standard decorative patterns, not too picky but still showing the beauty of luxury and class.

HDI Tay Ho makes a strong impression at first sight thanks to its magnificent beauty, clearly showing the quintessence of

european architecture

However, to realize French-style architecture is not simple but requires careful calculation in design from walls, ceilings, .. to doorways, glass arches. The HDI Tay Ho project is a testament to the trendy life from a clean, beautiful, civilized, 5-star standard.
With the desire to create a first-class living space, Handico 7 investor has created a system of accompanying utilities to fully serve the needs of residents, including: 6 floors of commercial center, 4 swimming pools 5-star standard season with German technology, spacious children's play area, international preschool,... In particular, HDI Tay Ho not only integrates natural light, cool space but also is opened up. Exploiting natural elements with beautiful green landscape ensures the best development space for children.


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