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Product introduction

* Sashes can be opened in three ways: tilting with an angle from 10 -20 for air venting, 150 for air escape and turn opening 1800 for maximum open. All the three types of opening are very safe for buildings, especially high buildings. So they are suitable to various types of buildings.

* This is the most advanced opening type of uPVC windows

* This opening type is widely used in the world, especially in Europe.

* Multiple point locking and double gasket system create airtight, sound and heat insulation. Multiple point locking also helps prevent break-ins.

* 2D hinges allow adjusting the doors; sash lifter help prevent doors from sagging and open/close errors.

* Easy to install anti-insect screens outside - also easy to clean and maintain.


* uPVC profile (frame, sash).

* Reinforced steel.

* Glass (safety, tempered)

* Double glass filled with argon to minimize sound and heat transmission

* Double gasket system to ensure a perfect fit.

* Hardware: Multiple point locking, handles, locks...


Application in construction