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Eurowindow paint line to meet Jotun's 30-years global warranty

09/03/2022 273 View

Through the process of rigorous evaluation, on June 12, 1974, Eurowindow officially received the certificate of quality line conforming to Qualicoat Class 3, AAMA2605 and Eurowindow finished product standards. 30 years of Jotun paint company worldwide.

In 2015, Eurowindow has been awarded a 25-year global warranty by Jotun Paint. After 2 years of testing and evaluation of production line technology, capacity of operating machinery, equipment, quality of finished paint of Eurowindow, specifically: surface treatment process, quality control of products according to Qualicoat Class 3 (Europe), weather resistance AAMA 2605 (USA); product quality control procedures, defect prevention and others in accordance with Jotun regulations and guidelines; Quality control system, paint system equipment, drying temperature of Eurowindow ensure the standard for painting Jotun products; The actual samples are inspected by Jotun Labs in Thailand for direct test samples (eg Salt Spray, 4000 hours humidity, etc.). Through rigorous testing, Eurowindow has met all of Jotun's rigorous criteria, so in 2017 Jotun decided to grant a 30-year warranty to Eurowindow.

Certificate of warranty for 30 years globally for Eurowindow

With a history of nearly 90 years operating with 36 plants in 19 countries, 74 companies in 45 countries and representative offices in more than 100 countries. For the past 90 years, Jotun has been at the forefront of product development, changing the way we think about the world of paint. As the world's leading manufacturer of paints and varnishes, Jotun's paint products protect the surface of millions of products, works in the world under the influence of time and weather. Currently, Jotun provides paint solutions for four areas: Marine Paints, Industrial Paints, Decorative Paints and Electrostatic Paints. Jotun has penetrated the Vietnamese market since 1994 and today Jotun is the lead paint company. Leading in the field of marine paints and coatings, as well as strong development in the field of decoration with modern color mixing technology. With the advent of Electrostatic Coatings, Jotun further strengthens and differentiates itself in providing "Total Solution of Paints", meeting all customer's paint and coating needs. For Jotun Durasol paint products, this is a super durable powder coating with excellent abrasion resistance, only a single layer of the same process will give the surface a perfect, enhance the mechanical features such as abrasion, abrasion, abrasion, durability with extreme weather conditions and UV protection.

Eurowindow is well-known as a leading supplier of window solutions in Vietnam, with the strength of aluminum doors and high quality aluminum profiles, Eurowindow has invested in equipment and spray painting lines. the most synchronous Vietnam today to meet the needs of quality and aesthetics of the works. This is an automatic painting line using powder coating technology (Powder Coating) and water-based paint (PVDF).

At the ceremony, “Eurowindow is the leading company in Vietnam providing comprehensive solutions for aluminum doors and glass walls, which are widely used by domestic and foreign consumers. The Eurowindow projects are involved, especially the key projects are increasingly demanding high quality. These projects also share the same goal with Jotun to develop high quality products to the market. Previously, large-scale, high-tech projects often had to be painted overseas due to the limited availability of units, so Jotun would like to work with Eurowindow to paint these products in Vietnam. Jotun Durasol super high grade powder coating meets European standards Qualicoat Class 3, American Standard AAMA 2605, Jotun expects that Eurowindow products will be painted high-grade paint and become the solution. perfect for works”, Mr. Johnny Kolding - General Director of Jotun Vietnam said.

Mr. Johnny Kolding - General Director of Jotun Vietnam

“In the process of development, Eurowindow's paint line has gained many certificates of warranty of the prestigious companies. Going through rigorous testing criteria, Eurowindow continues to receive the 30-year warranty of Jotun - the world's leading paint manufacturer, which shows that the quality of Eurowindow products is getting better and better. Especially, in Vietnam, Jotun paint is also the first product to be certified Green Label, environmentally friendly and protect human health, this is a very important factor for Eurowindow to continue to implement. sustainable development strategy associated with green products”, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - CEO of Eurowindow also shared.

Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - General Director of Eurowindow

Previously, Eurowindow was also received the quality certificates, standards from other world famous painters, such as: Certificate of Eurowindow aluminum paint product meets the standard of 20 years of warranty of PPG paint on In 2010, Tiger's standard of 25 years warranty and certification of pre-treatment process, application and quality management system of production of paint products meet the standards. AkzoNobel's 30-year campaign (2014) and others. With continuous efforts in improving production process, applying new technology, as well as searching and selecting the world's leading partners, products of Eurowindow has stepped up its international reach and received the support of domestic and foreign customers.

Photo of Jotun for 30 years worldwide awarded to Eurowindow:

Overview of certificate ceremony




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