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08/09/2023 Event News 132 View

After having passed the survey and objective evaluation in many aspects, Eurowindow is honored continuously to get the title of Vietnamese High Quality Product for the 14th time. The ceremony to announce and award certificates was took place on the evening of March 14 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Voted for the first time in 1996, the Vietnamese High Quality Product Program (HVNCLC) is considered one of the most prestigious awards in Vietnam, with the goal of creating motivation for enterprises to develop their brand’s reputation, increase competitive advantage and protect the legitimate interests of consumers.

Eurowindow has got the title of Vietnamese High Quality Product for the 14th time in a row.

The survey of Vietnamese high quality goods 2023 was carried out in 5 months from September 2022 to January 2023 and it recorded more than 61,000 votes in both direct and online forms for 36 categories. After announcing the preliminary list, Business Association for Vietnamese high quality goods spent 01 month receiving information about enterprises, and at the same time collecting opinions and reviews from agencies, departments, and the media to find 519 enterprises that officially achieved Vietnamese high quality goods certification in 2023.

In order to be listed in the Ranking, in addition to consumer votes, enterprises must pass many strict criteria, co-check their compliance with business laws (in terms of quality, environment, employing labor, protecting consumer’s rights, etc.).

At the announcement ceremony, the representative of Organization Board shared that in addition to the perceived quality factor, the safety for users is still a great concern to consumers when choosing products. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly interested in the origin, they prioritize the products that are good for health and have a low impact on the environment, labeled "green" and "clean".

Eurowindow's efforts is proven by the achievement of HVNCLC certification in the Plastics Industry for 14 consecutive years, we constantly make efforts to research, apply new production technologies, and develop products that meet green criteria, are safe for users' health, are environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Eurowindow aluminum windows and doors with insulation bridges meet the criteria of safety, health, and energy saving

Bringing into play the value of the title of HVNCLC, over the past 20 years, Eurowindow has always focused on adding products’value associated with 3 core values: Profession - Quality - Effectiveness. Eurowindow uPVC windows and doors use uPVC profile  from Koemmerling (Germany) meeting the “Greenline” standard without lead, non-toxic to users. Eurowindow windows, doors and aluminum-glass walls not only meet the criteria of green products but also have high durability, and scratch resistance, are not corroded by common chemicals or influenced by weather, and can be recycled after usage life cycle. Eurowindow wooden windows and doors have achieved FSC certification – Certification from the organization of persons who love afforestation and not extending to natural wood sources.

Catching up with the new trend, Eurowindow has developed aluminum windows and doors with insulation bridges with over 50% noise resistance and heat insulation capacity than ordinary aluminum windows and doors, saving up to 30% on electricity costs in the process of use. Not only promoting product research and innovation, Eurowindow also focuses on improving service experiences along with after-sales policies and attractive incentives for customers.

With the bravery of a pioneering enterprise, Eurowindow is also an active factor which accompanies the Government in propaganda and realizing creative ideas, promoting the trend development of green building towards sustainable architecture, contributing to the goal of international commitments on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment.

Thanks to the proactive and flexible adaptation, besides the title of Vietnamese High Quality Product, Eurowindow has also been recognized with many prestigious titles and awards such as: For 12 consecutive years, Vietnam National Brand, Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, Top 5 prestigious Building Materials Companies, Golden Brand Award, Top 1 Vietnamese goods preferred by consumers, etc.

The consecutive recognition of prestigious titles is a recognition of Eurowindow's persistent efforts in the recovery period after the Covid-19 pandemic. This is also the motivation for Eurowindow to continue promoting our pioneering spirit, constantly creating and applying AI technology, bringing the best products and solutions, and improving the customer experiences.


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