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Why does Vietnam embassy in India choose Eurowindow products?

08/09/2023 Event News 124 View

Officially becoming the construction contractor to complete windows, doors, and aluminum-glass walls for the office and housing projects for employees of the Vietnamese representative agency in India, Eurowindow has marked a new milestone on the construction journey of the symbolic diplomatic works promoting bilateral cooperation with other countries.

Modern perspective outside the new office of Vietnam Embassy in India

Setting the goal of “the new office will contribute a beautiful architecture, synchronous in infrastructure, complete and harmonious with the surrounding landscape of New Delhi city”, the project investor elaborated from the period of design ideas, considered the use of finishing materials and carefully selected contractors to construct items.

So what criteria did Eurowindow meet to become the official construction contractor in this project?

Construction experience and strict control process

With nearly 20 years of experience in the construction of tens of thousands of domestic and foreign projects, including many key national projects, buildings with special architecture requiring difficult technical requirements, etc, Eurowindow was trusted by the investors and was chosen to be the supplier and installer of nearly 200 sets of doors, windows, and curtain walls in the project of the office and housing for the staff of the Vietnamese representative agency in India.

Eurowindow followed strict requirements of the steps to choose supplies, materials, and equipment as well as the construction process to ensure the best quality. Each type of material had to be checked and tested in accordance with the required procedures and standards before being put into use.

Products have good quality, sound insulation, heat insulation, and ensure safety for users

Eurowindow high-grade aluminum products with special profile bar structures were light loading but products still were good bearing capacity, high durability, and were suitable for hi-tech building architecture. EPDM gasket combined with Eurowindow's high-class metal accessories system, which ensured tightness, good sound, and heat insulation, and provided a quiet working environment and resting space for users.

Also in this project, Eurowindow 2-layer safety glass with a thickness of 10.38 mm was installed, it promoted the outstanding advantage of standing firmly ability even under strong impact, it didn’t break into small pieces and cause damage to the user. Low-e double glazed unit - the No. 1 high-grade glass product on the market today has good sound and heat insulation, power saving, and can balance light during use. In particular, Low-e technology also had the outstanding advantage of being able to prevent and eliminate ultraviolet rays (UV rays) up to 99%, which protected the health of users and kept the color of utensils, equipment, and interior durable in the building.

High aesthetics

Installing the aluminum door product EA55, the investor not only takes advantage of opening a panoramic view of the room space, bringing a feeling of closeness to nature, but the improved design of the rounded wing also increased aesthetics, created serenity for the exterior of the building.

In addition, in order to minimize the impact of severe weather in India, Eurowindow door products provided at the Vietnam Embassy project also applied electrostatic coating technology, scratch resistance, not corroded by common chemicals; which allowed paint colors to be durable and warrantied for up to 20 years. The dark blue paint of the doorways created a prominent highlight on the white painted background of the Embassy building.

Ensure construction progress

In the context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, Eurowindow not only flexibly and proactively planned production and transportation, but also used technological solutions, modern equipment, and advanced construction techniques, also ensured quality, and technical standards and met the implementation schedule according to the requirements of the investor.

The project to build a new office and housing area of Vietnam Embassy in India started at the end of 2018. The project was built on an area of ​​nearly 3.8 hectares, in the center of the diplomatic corps of India, in the capital New Delhi.

According to Mr Pham Sanh Chau Vietnamese Ambassador at India, the goal of building the project is to improve and enhance the quality of the working and living environment for Vietnamese diplomats who carry out their working term in India. So diplomats can confidently complete their foreign affairs tasks, focus on promoting the cooperation between the two countries to develop stronger.

The new office would better serve the work of citizen protection, and diplomatic reception, organize exchange and connection activities, and promote a good relationship and a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries Vietnam and India in terms of culture, society, economy, and tourism.

“Not only having a beautiful in layout, the project also aimed to meet the utility in terms of use. The Embassy building will be the place to house the collections of paintings, ceramics, statues, stones, etc to promote and introduce the culture, art, fine arts, and beauties of Vietnam and Vietnamese people for Indian and international friends", Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau shared.

The completion of the Embassy building is a milestone marking the depth of the relationship between the two countries Vietnam - India and also is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (2016 - 2021) and 50 years of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.


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