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Product introduction

Currently, Eurowindow is using 3cm wide ISO profiles, with high durability and rigidity for doors with a height of up to 3m. At the same time, Eurowindow can provide frameless sliding doors.

Drive mechanism: Load capacity up to 150kg/sash.

Operating modes:

  • Automatic mode: the door automatically opens when a person approaches and then closes automatically.
  • Permanent open mode: the door is hold open.
  • One-way traffic mode: for shops and supermarkets. This mode allows people to pass through one way from the inside out only.
  • Night mode: Fully locked, can only be opened by controller inside the house.
  • The entire control, electromechanical, and electronic systems are imported from leading European brands or Eurowindow’s OEM.

 Product description:

  • 2 radar motion detectors installed inside and outside.
  • Safety sensors integrated in the clear opening of the door prevent the door from shutting if persons or objects are in the detection zone. A set of mode control switches.
  • Electro-mechanical locking device: Safety lock in night mode.
  • Central control unit monitors the operation of all devices, self-diagnoses and prompt warnings, possible to connect with card reader, fire alarming or BMS, etc.
  • UPS: Help the door works when the power is out.
  • When a person approaches, the door automatically opens and then closes to save energy. The safety sensor ensures that the door will not shut when someone is passing.
  • Quick and easy installation of components.
  • The motor has high durability, long life, and quiet operation.
  • Door frame, guide rail and head box are made of high quality aluminum alloy.


Application in construction