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Founded with the aspiration to improve the quality of life for millions of Vietnamese people, in 2002, Eurowindow pioneered to bring European standard modern uPVC doors to Vietnam market, revolution in doors and windows and opened a “New Era” for houses and realized green and energy-saving buildings.

From uPVC door products, Eurowindow has PIONEERED in application of new technologies, developed a variety of product lines such as: aluminum doors and curtain wall system, timber doors, fire-rated timber doors, automatic doors, roller shutter roller shutter, floor hinge doors,   tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, laminated glass, patterned glass, insulated glass, wood flooring, etc. Eurowindow has always led the demand and created new consumer trends in the market with products with outstanding advantages.

Over the past 20 years of spreading the brand, Eurowindow products have been contributing to CREATE a spacious appearance for hundreds of thousands of projects across the country, from apartment buildings, villas, offices, headquaters of government agencies, buildings of banks, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. to key national projects such as: National Assembly Building, Government Building, international airports, etc.

Constantly building its position in the consumers' hearts, Eurowindow always ACCOMPANIES customers from consulting, design to construction, maintenance services, product warranty. For partners, Eurowindow accompanies in the spirit of mutual support, cooperation to increase long-term value.

More than a choice, Eurowindow brings perfect experiences, creating different values ​​for each project and contributing to the prosperous development of the country.