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Product introduction


Automatic 3- or 4-wing revolving doors are often used in banks, hotels, buildings with high traffic volume, high traffic speed, but still ensure the separation between the inside and outside environment, keeping heat, avoid wind and dust, etc.

The door is fitted with an infrared sensor, when a person approaches the door automatically rotates with an electric motor. When there is no passer, the door will stop in the closed state to save energy. The sensor system ensures safety for passers. If luggage or people enter the door chamber, it will stop revolving, and then continue to revolve if there are no obstacle.

The door frame is made of aluminum alloy for durability, aesthetics, and light weight.

This product is CBU imported from leading companies in Germany and Italy.

Operating modes:

  • NIGHT: Electric lock, all sensors do not work, door is closed and held by the force of electric brake.
  • REVOLVE: Normally, the door keeps revolving at a low speed; the door revolves at a normal speed if passers are detected by the infrared sensor (these two speeds are pre-set).
  • AUTOMATIC: Normally, the door stops. When a person approaches, the door will automatically revolve.
  • EXIT: Only one way from inside to outside is allowed.
  • MANUAL: Revolve the door manually, at a controlled speed that does not allow it to be revolved too fast (avoid revolving too fast by wind).

Product description:

  • 2 radar motion detectors installed inside and outside.
  • 2 obstacle detection sensors installed inside and outside, slanted toward the right to prevent jams.
  • 2 collision detection sensors installed along 2 curved walls, slanted toward the right.
  • Collision detection sensors installed under each revolving wing.
  • 1 control button box with 5 modes.
  • 1 controller lock.


Application in construction