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Product introduction

Rolling doors are now a very important and indispensable part of the strong development of modern architecture. In addition to its convenience and aesthetics, rolling doors also ensure safety for users.

In order to meet the increasing demand of customers for this product, Eurowindow has introduced to the market the aluminum roller shutter doors EASD45, clustering all of strong points: State-of-the-art - Solidity - Security - Quietness - Aesthetics.

Eurowindow EASD45 aluminum roller shutter door has roller drum with double skin aluminum extruded profiles, trapezoid perforated slat allows clearance gap adjustment. Thanks to that, users can close the door while still ensuring arbitrary ventilation.

Eurowindow EASD45’s optimized slat design brings the strength, stability, and quiet running. The product is suitable for residential buildings, shop fronts, garages, etc.

The basic features of Eurowindow EASD45 roller shutter door are calculated to increase stability and durability compared to the other types of roller shutter door available on the market.

Product details:

  • Slats are made up of 6063T5 aluminum flat bars.
  • The slats with a thickness of 1mm meet the width of the door opening <= 4m, the height of door opening <= 4m.
  • The slats have a dual structure, optimized slat design delivers solidity, quiet operation.
  • The slats are painted on a modern paint line of Eurowindow.
  • Genuine motors are selected according to the door area to ensure maximum durability.
  • Safety sensor system with functions: Automatically stops (or reverses) when encountering an obstacle and alarms if the door is broken or encounters an obstacle.
  • There is a contact to connect to the fire protection system to automatically open when there is a fire alarm signal.
  • Remote control by rolling code, ensuring absolute security.


Application in construction