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Product introduction

Overcoming the weaknesses of industrial wood doors and combining advantages of 02 types of materials (wood and plastic), Eurowindow Composite wood doors are modern products with outstanding durability.

With raw materials including fine wood pulp, PVC beads and additives for fineness and hardness (stone powder)..., the wood-plastic powder mixture is mixed evenly, homogeneously, and heated at 200oC, and then extruded or pressed into various shapes as required.

Composite wood door surface is covered with high-grade PVC film by vacuum heat pressing technology, simulating natural wood grain with uniform color and good scratch resistance. The door uses smart braces that are inserted directly into the frame, without using nails or glue, ensuring high aesthetics and convenience for disassembling and repairing.

Using environmentally friendly materials, in line with the current general development trend, many investors have been trusting and using Composite wood doors in construction projects such as: villas, apartments, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

Advantages of products:

  • Absolute water resistance thanks to the polymer molecular structure that encloses wood molecules, making it impossible for water vapor to penetrate into the door.
  • High durability and stability, termite resistance, no warping, shrinking or cracking.
  • Solid leaf and frame structures, leaf thickness of 40mm give the product good bearing capacity.
  • The profile have a box-shaped structure, combining with a double gaskets to ensure high tightness, good thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Light weight, convenient for construction and installation.
  • This material is poorly ignited, only deformed when the temperature is above 120oC, limiting the spreading of fire.
  • The product does not contain formaldehyde, so it is safe for users and environmentally friendly.
  • Diverse colors, many types of wood grain, high aesthetics, match with many furniture styles of building.
  • Composite wood doors are often used as doors between rooms, restroom doors, bathroom doors.
  • Reasonable price.


Application in construction