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Product introduction

Safety - Thermal insulating glass ACT is a single glass of 5mm or 6mm thick, stuck with a heat isolated film that increases the level of safety for consumers, while saving maximum power.

Safety - Thermal insulating glass ACT has the ability to reduce up to 57% of the total amount of solar energy transmitted through the glass, helps cool down the environment inside your home, makes the air cool down faster and avoid cool air to go out through the glass doors. At the same time, blocking up to 75% of the sun rays through the glass and removing 99% UV rays will help protect the health of users as well as lengthen the life of the interior furniture.

When installing glass doors, users usually worry about glass break caused by external forces. Eurowindow’s Safety - Thermal insulating glass ACT is a safety solution for the users because the film will hold the entire broken glass.

Using Safety - Thermal insulating glass ACT is the optimal choice and provides long-term effectiveness during use.


Application in construction