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Eurowindow aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls are manufactured from high-quality aluminum materials, capable of overcoming the disadvantages of ordinary aluminum such as: weak structure, simple accessories, no thermal break, poor sound and heat insulation, or rainwater leakage.


Aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls are manufactured from high-quality aluminum materials, capable of overcoming the disadvantages of ordinary aluminum such as: weak structure, simple accessories, no thermal break, poor sound and heat insulation, or rainwater leakage.

Products of aluminum doors (including windows and doors) and aluminum curtain walls ensure high tightness, can be opened and closed in multiple ways, meeting strict design requirements, suitable for many different architecture styles. In particular, Eurowindow's high-grade aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls use aluminum profiles with thermal break combined with insulated glass filled with noble gas, which minimizes heat transfer, contributing to saving electricity during use.

Besides strategic cooperation with the world's leading aluminum profile suppliers such as: Technal (France), Shueco (Germany), famous global accessory suppliers, Eurowindow also invests in imported synchronous machinery systems and equipment line to constantly improve the quality of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls.

With an automatic paint spraying line using electrostatic coating technology that integrates powdercoating and water-based paint (PVDF), which is considered the most modern and synchronous today, allowing the creation of products with rich colors, high durability, scratch resistance, not corroded by common chemicals or weather effects, and can paint aluminum sheets and aluminum folding structures as large as 2.5m x 2.5m x 6m. In particular, with a fully automatic wastewater treatment system imported from Singapore, the wastewater from Eurowindow's factory is treated to "A Grade" - Vietnam's highest standard for environmental protection.

Eurowindow's mechanical processing line for aluminum panel production allows the production of aluminum composite panels and aluminum solid panels.

The most modern glass center in the country specializes in manufacturing products such as   tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, large format insulated glass, laminated glass, patterned glass, etc.

Fully enclosed production process, compliance with strict inspection from input materials, processing, painting, assembly, to product finishing and installation at the site, Eurowindow provides optimal solutions for aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls, contributing to the completion of hi-tech architectural works with requirements for large space and large vision such as: high-rise buildings, offices, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, etc.

Especially, with the specific projects, Eurowindow can design detailed cross-sectional systems to install curtain wall systems with complex architecture.


THERMAL AND ACOUSTIC INSULATION: Made from aluminum profile (with or without thermal break) combined with insulated glass, EPDM gasket system and synchronous metal accessory system, Eurowindow's aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall systems have high thermoacoustic performance. In particular, aluminum profiles with thermal break have higher thermoacoustic performance.

STRENGTH: Profile  are designed suitably with cavities and reinforced fins while aluminum thickness, grooves, technical walls in aluminum bar are carefully calculated to create reinforced fins, drainage channels, soundproof and heat-insulated cavities. With this structure, aluminum profile  have good thermoacoustic performance, especially good bearing performance. In particular, with the product system with thermal break, the reinforced fins and cavities are more, thus, the bearing performance is better.

LIGHWEIGHT: The aluminum is lightweight, high-strength materials, with cavities and reinforced fins, thus, this material shall reduce the load of entire buildings much more than other materials. Aluminum profile has safe load for high bearing performance and resisting effects from wind, storm and earthquake. Therefore, this material brings the optimal safety solution for the project.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY: For high-rise buildings with a lot of area exposed to the sunlight, the electricity costs for air-conditioning and ventilation systems to stabilize the in-door air condition are very high. The usage of aluminum doors, windows and large curtain walls with sound and heat insulated glass, laminated glass, etc. is the main solution in saving energy. Aluminum profile  with surface treatment and powder coating by advanced technology will have high durability, retain the colors and structure of the doors and windows even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls create favorable conditions for the house owners in preservation, due to just regularly cleaning instead of periodic maintenance and repair.

AESTHETICS: Aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls help to connect and utilize space, create panorama views from inside, minimizing the distance between human and nature. Curtain wall systems have inside bearing hidden jams so the curtain walls have a large flat surface without revealing jams. Not just made from ordinary glass, aluminum doors, windows or curtain walls use a variety of decorative glass such as stained glass, patterned glass, frosted glass, etc. ensure the confidentiality requirements while keeping the aesthetics.

STANDARD SATISFACTION: Aluminum doors, windows or curtain wall systems supplied by Eurowindow European standards and Vietnamese National standards (VNS) such as: VNS 330:2004 (shaped aluminum alloy ); VNS 7452-1:2004 (air permeability); VNS 7452-2:2004 (watertightness); VNS 7452-3:2004 (wind resistance); ISO 140-5 (soundproof).

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