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Product introduction

Stick curtain wall systems have aluminum , glass and some components manufactured and processed at the factory, while assembly, installation and finishing works are all implemented at the job site. The Stick curtain wall system can be used for every building surface type, especially suitable for sophisticated, multiple jointed and faceted structures.

Unlike Unitized system, Stick system is installed component by component at the job site, according to progress of rough part of the project.

The basic construction sequence for Stick system can be summarized as:

  • The vertical jams are first installed and connected in series, stage by stage.
  • The horizontal jams are installed to vertical jams, after the vertical jams are complete
  • Finally, glass and aluminum panels are installed and finished with sealants.


  • Safe structure and waterproofing as well.
  • The biggest advantage in design and construction method of the Stick curtain wall system is flexibility in transportation, construction and installation process.
  • Allows to construct projects with high complexity, such as inhomogeneous and irregular, complex surfaces.


  • The quality control at site is more difficult than that of the Unitized systems, as it requires highly skilled workers and to be monitored by many skilled engineers at site.
  • The construction process takes longer and requires many steps to be implemented at site.
  • The assembly and construction are mostly taken place outside the building: so lifting and swinging equipment must be carefully prepared in advance.
  • Requires a large warehouse area at site, in order to store materials, the material store and management lasts throughout in the construction process.





Aluminum profiles are extruded from qualified aluminum alloys which is complied with European codes

Single glass

Including single glass,   tempered glass, laminated glass, heat-strengthened glass, patterned glass

Insulated glass

Filled with noble gas to increase the thermoacoustic performance


EPDM gasket

Typical dimensions

Customize according to project size


Many different color choices for glazing beads thanks to Eurowindow’s aluminum painting technology

Application in construction