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Product introduction

Laminated glass has a special structure with single layers of glass rinsed off by ionized water before being applied to each other with PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer which then being autoclaved at 130oC to create cohesion and transparency. PVB interlayer (clear, colorized or decorative) and glass panes (clear, colorized, reflective,   tempered or heat strengthened) are flexibly combined to create the variety of laminated glass types depending on using purposes and demand.

Eurowindow laminated glass has many advantages over other glass products of the same type.

  • Resistance to strong impact, still firmly attaching to the door even when it is smashed and broken, effectively preventing penetration from the outside while minimizing the danger to users.
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation, ensuring a completely quiet working and resting environment.
  • PVB films can eliminate almost completely the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (the light that is harmful to human health, and also the cause of damage and fading of furniture) without affecting visibility and brightness necessary for your project.

Eurowindow laminated glass products are Kimark-certified by British Standards Institution in accordance with BSEN 12150-1:2000, BSEN 14449:2005. TCVN 7364-2:20224 and meets the impact standard Class 1 BSEN 12600. This is the optimal solution for windows and doors for high-rise buildings, projects near intersections, factories, airports or in recording studios, etc.


Application in construction