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Product introduction

In order to meet the demand of consumers, besides wood doors between rooms and main doors with many outstanding features, in 2012 Eurowindow continued to launch the product line of fire-rated wood doors with typical projects such as: National Assembly Building, Government Office Building, Thang Long Number One (Hanoi), Thao Dien Pearl (HCMC), Ha Do Centrosa, Hanoi water tower, etc.

Components of Eurowindow fire-rated wood doors include: natural wood frame; Calcium silicate fire-retardant sheet; glass wool or Rockwool for thermal and acoustic insulation; fireproof gasket; the surface covered with a layer of natural veneer and finishing PU coating. Among them, Silicate is a non-toxic, odorless, dust-free insulation material with the advantages of high durability, low thermal conductivity, good thermal and acoustic insulation.

In particular, with fireproof gasket, when the temperature is up to 90oC, the gasket will automatically turn into a glue that seals the entire door leaf with door frame, preventing the spread of smoke to help protect the people inside and prolong the escape time. Besides, the system of accessories are imported from leading European brands, including: hinges, hydraulic handles, door locks, handles, etc. All these accessories are made of steel capable of withstanding high temperatures so that in case of fire, they can still operate normally.

Eurowindow fire-rated wood doors have many colors, diverse types of veneer, fire resistance levels of 70 minutes or longer depending on the material and thickness of door: 50mm, 60mm, 70mm… Products are mainly designed for main doors, doors between rooms used for many types of projects.


Application in construction