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Product introduction

This door is opened by sliding on rails, EA90 sliding door is the superior solution for installation in locations that require optimal space and use area, avoid the risk of slamming the door.

EA90 sliding windows are structured from 6063-T5 aluminum profile bars with hollow cavities and reinforced gins, the aluminum thickness, grooves, technical walls are carefully calculated to create reinforced spines, ensuring the ability to resist with windy, stormy, earthquake weather conditions. In addition, with improved design, profile  have rainwater drainage slot to increase the water resistance.

Windows can be installed with single glass, laminated glass,   tempered glass, insulated glass combined with decorative slats, contributing to increase aesthetics and ensure high safety for users. Insulated glass is filled with noble gas to improve the soundproof, heat insulation and power-savings.

Eurowindow windows use electrostatic coating technology combining powdercoating and water-based paint methods, helping to maintain the paint color on the surface of aluminum , without discolor during use, with capacity of scratch resistance, no corrosion by common chemicals and impact by extreme weather.

The modern technology of aluminum wood grain painting helps to create products with sophisticated wood grain textured surface layers, feeling like natural wood grain when touching. The delicate of the product when combined with wooden furniture will highlight the luxury and elegance of the house. Compared to the investment cost of wooden doors, installing EA90 aluminum doors is much more economic and beneficial.

The use of high-quality paints of world-famous paint brands with a diverse color panel helps EA90 Eurowindow aluminum doors to be guaranteed with a warranty of up to 5 years, even 10 years.

The product is suitable for many architectural styles, from classical to modern. With current capacity, Eurowindow can manufacture, construct and install EA90 aluminum doors to meet bulk orders for resorts, apartment buildings, hotels, industrial projects, etc.


  • Powder coated 6063-T5 aluminum profile (door frame, side frames)
  • Single glass,   tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, laminated glass, insulated glass with thickness from 6 mm to 24 mm.
  • EPDM gasket has good elasticity and weather resistance, combined with a synchronous metal accessories (rollers, locks, lock breaks, etc.) to help open and close smoothly, ensuring tightness and watertightness.
  • Common dimensions: 3600x2400
  • Maximum dimensions: 4000x2500


Powder coated 6063-T5 aluminum profile (door frame, side frames)
Single glass ( tempered, laminated)

Single glass,   tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, laminated glass, insulated glass with thickness from 6 mm to 24 mm.

Insulated glass
Available thicknesses
Gasket EPDM gasket
Typical dimensions: 1800x2000, 2000x2200, 2200x2400
Color Available colors: grainy, glossy gray; wood grain
Completed metal accessories includes: multi-point locking mechanism, 2D hinges, 3D hinges, handles, locks, screws, etc.

Application in construction